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Build 4.0.2 - 2019-01-08

  • Improvement speed (high performance): checking valid signature only once if operation is on mempool and was verified previously
  • Improved operations/blocks propagation
  • Fixed a decompression bug caused by FreePascal "paszlib" package bug on version 3.0.4 ->
  • Allow download new safebox (instead of download pending blocks) when difference > TNode.MinFutureBlocksToDownloadNewSafebox
    • 7 days by default for Production, 1 for Testnet
    • Disabled by default on Daemon, configure on INI file with MINPENDINGBLOCKSTODOWNLOADCHECKPOINT
    • Enabled by default on GUI, can configure it
    • Will not delete current blockchain, but will not download pending blocks between last block saved and current network checkpoint block
  • Allow only connections using Net protocol >= 9 (Introduced on Build 4.0.1)
  • Fill automatic params at "buyaccount" RPC call: Will set 'price' and 'seller_account' values to current safebox values if not provided
  • Improved memory usage on mempool operations (TPCOperationsStorage)
  • Important logs reduction to store only logs that are important
  • Fixed minor bugs and minor improvements (See GitHub commits since 2018-10-31)