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resources PIP-0009: update diagram Aug 17, 2018 Fix: correct typos in PIPs Aug 16, 2017 Fix: correct typos in PIPs Aug 16, 2017 Fix: correct typos in PIPs Aug 16, 2017 Added: PIP-0004 Account Names and Types Aug 16, 2017 Added: PIP-0005 Stabalised difficulty algorithm Aug 16, 2017 Added: PIP-0006 Salvage orphaned transactions Aug 16, 2017 Added: PIP-0007 New Wallet GUI Aug 16, 2017 Added: PIP-0008 Hook(s) to start external programs Aug 16, 2017 PIP-0009: rev4 in header Aug 17, 2018 PIP-0010: status update May 12, 2018 PIP-0011: status update May 12, 2018 PIP-0012: Change account recovery to 10 years Jan 3, 2018 PIP-0013: status update May 12, 2018 PIP-0011: add projections spreadsheet Jan 4, 2018 PIP-0015: add sync workflow Feb 26, 2018 PIP-0016: fixed typo Feb 23, 2018 PIP-0017: status update May 12, 2018 PIP-0018: status update May 21, 2018 PIP-0019: added Jan 26, 2018 PIP-0021: Agreement For Funding Jun 20, 2018 PIP-0021: fix github flavor markdown inconsistency Jun 22, 2018 PIP-0022: typos Jul 13, 2018 Initial commit Jul 19, 2018 PIP-0024: minor edits Jul 23, 2018 Fix: correct typos in PIPs Aug 16, 2017 PIP-0024: Account Data Jul 23, 2018

PascalCoin Improvement Proposals (PIP)

People wishing to submit PIPs, first should discuss their idea on the PascalCoin Slack. If they wish to continue, copy this template and ensure your PIP is in accordance to the standard. Submit to the PIP Maintainer for publication here.

All PIPs

Number Title Owner Type Status
1 PIP Purpose and Guidelines Herman Schoenfeld Process Draft
2 In-protocol PASA Exchange Albert Molina Protocol Active
3 Infinite Scaling via Deletable Blockchain Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Active
4 Account Names and Types Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Active
5 Stablised difficulty algorithm Albert Molina Protocol Active
6 Salvage orphaned transactions Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Active
7 New Wallet GUI Herman Schoenfeld Front-End Draft
8 Hook(s) to start external programs Preben Björn Biermann Madsen Backend Draft
9 RandomHash: GPU & ASIC Resistant Hash Algorithm Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Proposed
10 50% Inflation Reduction Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Active
11 20% Developer Reward Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Active
12 Change account recovery to 10 years Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Proposed
13 Allow nodes to pull pending operations Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Active
14 New operation to certify accounts for extended recovery period Dr. Muhammad Amer Protocol Proposed
15 Fast Block Propagation Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Proposed
16 Layer-2 protocol support Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Proposed
17 Anonymity via Transaction Mixing (phase-1) Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Active
18 10% funding allocation for Lazarus/FPC Herman Schoenfeld Process Active
19 Balance recovered from lost accounts to be sent to developers fund Dr. Muhammad Amer Protocol Draft
20 6-month PascalCoin Foundation Budget Appropriations Herman Schoenfeld Process Draft
21 Agreement For Funding Herman Schoenfeld Process Active
22 Continuous Integration Benjamin Ansbach Process Draft
23 JSON RPC PASCURRENCY format Benjamin Ansbach Backend, Documentation Draft
24 Account Data Herman Schoenfeld Protocol Draft