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Welcome to the Pascal Coin Wiki

This is the wiki covering the Pascal Coin cryptocurrency.

The first Alt-coin designed to work without a historical operations requirement, yet is still able to control double spending or check balance.

The Pascal Coin blockchain can be deleted at anytime, and Pascal Coin will continue working perfectly, without the problem of double spending.

This is NOT a variation of the "mini-blockchain" system. It's a new method to work without needing the blockchain.

Technically, Pascal Coin uses a SafeBox hash, modified each time a new block is generated in the blockchain. When this happens, SafeBox is updated with block operations, and then generates a new "SafeBox hash". After this, the entire blockchain could be deleted without losing double spending efficiency, because the balance of each account is included in the SafeBox hash. SafeBox size is growing, but only 5 new accounts are created per block to control the size.

Pascal Coin is cryptocurrency for humans, not only for geeks

Pascal Coin is an "easy to understand" and "easy to work with" Crypto, because it is very similar to a bank. Using "easy to remember" accounts instead of cryptographic address's, and everybody will need have a personal account to receive/send coins.

The Pascal Coin concept was introduced by a White Paper wrote on July 2016.
Read White Paper Here

1 month later, on August 11 2016, the Pascal Coin blockchain was created and all source code was made public under the MIT license, including a Wallet/Blockchain explorer/Miner application.

Pascal Coin Technical Details

  • Average block time - 5 minutes

    • 288 blocks per day
    • 105,120 blocks per year
    • Note: Average is a estimation, due to internal adjusting mechanism, real average time is a value between 4 and 5 minutes, having a range of 288-360 blocks/day or 105,120-131,400 blocks/year
  • Pascal Coin use's 4 decimal values: ex. 15.1234 (15.12345 is not a valid value)

  • Initial reward per mined block is 100.0000 Pascal Coins per block.

    • This value will divided by 2 every 210,240 blocks (average 2 years), so the next cycle reward will be 50.0000, 25.0000, etc. ... until reaching 1.0000 Pascal Coin per block.
    • The minimum reward will be 1.0000 Pascal Coin. After block 1,471,680 (avg 16 years) the block reward will remain a constant 1.0000
  • Pascal Coin uses self creating accounts. Each block produces 5 accounts

  • 3 operation types can be done with Pascal Coin: (On initial version)

    • Transaction 1 to 1: A single and simple transaction, from one account to another account.
    • Change Account key: Change Public/Private key of an account.
    • Recover funds: Explained on the White Paper. This is to prevent lost keys/lost coins inside the Pascal Coin blockchain. This operation can only be done by miners when mining.
      • Recover funds can only be executed after 420,480 blocks when no operations occur in an account (approx 4 years)
  • Extended protocol V2 and V3 added some new operations

    • Change account name or type: An account can have a non-duplicate name, allowing that accounts can be used like DNS does
    • List for sale or buy account: Allows to list an account for a public or private sell, and allows to buy a specific account
    • Multioperation: Allows to execute multiple operations in a single call, allowing anonymity via transaction mixing directly P2P
  • In order to easily operate with Accounts, each account has 2 extra verification numbers.

    • Account "0" -> "0-10"
    • Account "1" -> "1-22"
    • Account "12345" -> "12345-54"
  • Cryptographic keys (elliptic curve keys) used by Pascal Coin can be one of:

    • secp256k1 (like bitcoin)
    • secp384r1
    • secp283k1
    • secp521r1
      • See "SEC 2: Recommended Elliptic Curve Domain Parameters:" []
  • Genesis block was created on August 11 2016

  • This coin has NO PREMINE. All coins have been distributed to miners from block 0.

  • Note: Current blockchain version is 3. The Pascal technical's can only change with a blockchain version upgrade

Main differences compared to other Cryptocurrency

  • Written in the Pascal programming language. This is the first cryptocurrency written in the Pascal programming language. Easy to understand for students and binary multi-platform compatible. (like "C++", the language used to make BitCoin)

    • All code is new and written by the Pascal Coin creator Albert Molina
    • Cross-platform. Source can be compiled with Delphi and/or Free Pascal compiler and run over with Windows / Linux / Mac
  • Pascal Coin works with ordinal numbered accounts instead of complicated cryptocurrency addresses, yes, like a traditional bank (from account "0" to account "XXXX")

    • To operate with coins, first, you must have at least one account (like a bank)
    • Accounts are created on each block by the miners. Each block creates 5 new accounts
    • Users can't create accounts by themselves. Unless the user is a miner and creates a block. Users can only create public/private keys to operate with accounts. Users can also have someone with an extra account send one to their public wallet key.
  • Crypto keys (Public key/Private key) are not part of the address like Bitcoin, keys are used as a personal password to operate with your accounts (like a password PIN), wallets can also be locked with a password.

  • Due to the White Paper explained concept, historical transactions can be deleted, but there will always be some nodes with all historical transactions to check consensus on the blockchain.


Current status of the project is in hard development:

  • Current last stable build is 3.0 (see minor upgrades at releases page)

All help is welcome.

Author / Devs

Pascal Coin author and main developer is Albert Molina. Contact:

Blockchain explorer

Best blockchain explorer is included in the Wallet if you install it. Also, a web explorer is available here:



Oficial miner

Old miners

Social Media


Feel free to make a donation to help the Pascal Coin developer!

  • Bitcoin donation address: 16K3HCZRhFUtM8GdWRcfKeaa6KsuyxZaYk
  • Pascal Coin donation address: 0-10 ;-)
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