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Class to perform common operations on arbitrary precision integers in Objective-C projects.


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The BigInteger class implements immutable arbitrary-precision integers. It provides methods to perform usual arithmetic operations, as well as modular arithmetic, GCD calculation, primality testing, prime generation, and a few other miscellaneous operations.

This class was not written with performance in mind. It rather focuses on correctness, portability, and good integration with the Cocoa Framework. If your application relies heavily on multi-precision integer computation, you will be luckier with C-oriented libraries such as GMP. But if you only need a little bit of modular arithmetic or want to occasionally generate a big prime number with a minimum development effort, then the BigInteger class is for you.

Project overview

The Xcode project contains 4 targets:

  • BigInteger is a Mac OS X command line application that performs unit testing of the class source code. You should select this target for common developpement tasks.
  • BigInteger-iOS compiles the iOS version of the static library.
  • BigInteger-MacOSX compiles the Mac OS X version of the static library.
  • UniLib is a shell script that compiles the library for iOS, iOS Simulator and Mac OS X architectures (both 32 and 64 bits), and then pack them into a fat library.


Open the BigInteger.xcodeproj file with Xcode, select the UniLib target and compile. After the build succeeds, you'll find the BigInteger.h, libBigInteger-iOS.a and libBigInteger-MacOSX.a files in the ./build directory.


The BigInteger class documentation is written with LaTeX. The source files and a compiled PDF version is available in the ./documentation directory.


Class to perform common operations on arbitrary precision integers in Objective-C projects.







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