Currently a collection of notes, ideas and problems which should be covered in the book.
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Angular Recipes

This is a collection of notes which will influent the contents of a book I want to write about AngularJS. The book will be available for free (forever!) as an online book as well as in different kind of book formats like epub, pdf, mobi etc..

Please fork these notes and add your ideas or problems which should be covered in the book as recipe.

This is a WIP, feel free to provide any useful structure or categorizing for the recipes. I want to make this book community-driven!


Installing Angular

  • Building angular
  • Using angular-seed
  • Using Yeoman

Bootstrapping Angular

  • Using ng-app
  • Using angular.bootstrap()

Configuring Angular at runtime

  • $interpolate delimiter

Dependency Injection

  • Inferring Dependencies
  • $inject Annotation
  • Inline Annotation
  • Pros and Cons