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Can't get it working #26

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htpc-den@htpc-den:~/Desktop/PascalW-Airplayer-7776e54/airplayer$ python
2011-10-17 20:15:09 [INFO] Starting Airplayer
2011-10-17 20:15:09 [DEBUG] TEMP DIR: /tmp/tmpm8Uu7N
2011-10-17 20:15:09 [DEBUG] Sending wake event
2011-10-17 20:15:10 [DEBUG] Registered bonjour service htpc-den._airplay._tcp.

Running from Ubuntu with Boxee installed on it.

My are set to Boxee, port 8800, even tried putting my Boxee username/pass into the places for user and pass (tried None/None and 'user'/'pass', neither worked)

Tried port-forwarding both 6002 (airplayer) and 8800 (boxee) to no luck.

When I run python, it does the above quoted text, the AirPlay button shows on my iPhone, I press it, select htpc-den, then nothing happens. No more info in the terminal from the debug being set to picture/video/music in Boxee.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here...


If there's no debug info in the terminal after starting up, then Airplayer is not receiving any requests from your iPhone. This suggests there's some connection issue between your iPhone and Airplayer box, possibly a firewall.

Also, I'm not actively maintaining Airplayer anymore. I remember Boxee made some backwards incompatible changes to their API, so maybe the Boxee backend doesn't even work anymore. But even then you should have more debug information in your log.


Which Linux distribution Linux is FPSDavid using?
Did you install airplay to start automatically in init.d?
I followed this guide:

I could use airplay in XBMC when I started it manually using python
But when I continued futther on the step-list and I configured to start it automatically it does not work any more...
Even if I start it manually again... I start to wonder whether something was changed when running update-rc.d...
i tried to revert the steps but still nothing...
I use Kubuntu 11.10 64bits

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