An Open Source reimplementation of Windows PowerShell, for Mono.
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An Open Source reimplementation of Windows PowerShell.

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Alpha. This project is useful in certain constrained applications, e.g. the NuGet Console in Xamarin Studio.

Getting Started

Assuming you have MonoDevelop installed:

  1. git clone ...
  2. cd Pash
  3. xbuild
  4. mono Source/PashConsole/bin/Debug/Pash.exe

See for more details, especially if you see funny characters on startup.


The original release of Pash in 2008 didn't include a LICENSE or COPYING file, or other indication of license. However, at it says:


BSD License, GNU General Public License (GPL)

I have emailed Igor Moochnick a few times to clarify his licensing intent, but he hasn't responded. So I'm treating that note on sourceforge as authoritative.


Pash was created by Igor Moochnick and published at in 2008. After the original release, development ceased.

In 2012, Jay Bazuzi moved the project to GitHub and got things going again. A bunch of generous contributors have since joined in, keeping the project moving forward a bit at a time.



If you like Pash and want to express your gratitude, you could:

  • Contribute code to Pash. See and send a pull request!
  • Contribute to some other open source project.
  • Edit Wikipedia.
  • Create art, music, architecture, boat plans, whatever, and release it under Creative Commons.
  • Volunteer in your community.
  • Give free hugs!
  • If you're making money with Pash, then you should send money.