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Pasifik Panel API CSharp

This library package provides a variety systems, the simplest way to integrate Pasifik services with your system.


You should add to References System.Web.Extensions.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.5\.

You can see System.Web.Extensions.dll, we use JavaScriptSerializer class which Serialize Objects Collection to JSON string.

3.5 or greater .Net Framework required to build it.


Download source code and Unzip package.

Open Solution using Visual Studio 2010.

From Menu > Build > Build pasifiklib.


After build add reference pasifiklib.dll to your project.

in your code.

using pasifiklib;
string username = "YOUR_USERNAME";
string password = "YOUR_PASSWORD";
string header = "YOUR_COMPANY";
string lang = "tr"; // 'tr': Turkish response, 'en': English response, 'ar': Arabic response.
bool DEBUG = true;
PasifikAPI obj = new PasifikAPI(username, password, lang, DEBUG);

Test Case

Follow TestCase.cs TestCase class and replace it with requirement parameters, for test just uncomment the following methods inside Program.cs.

TestCase test = new TestCase();

To run code Menu > Debug > Start Debugging or press F5.

You will see the result on Command Prompt.