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πŸš€πŸ”— A modern, lightweight, fast and easy to use Node.js HTTP client
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Wumpfetch - A fast and easy to use HTTP client

MIT License Travis Build Status

Wumpfetch is a fast, lightweight and easy to use HTTP client for Node.JS.

GitHub | NPM


$ yarn add wumpfetch # Install w/ Yarn
$ npm i wumpfetch # Install w/ NPM


URL used for benchmarks:

Library 1 Request 10 Requests 100 Requests
Wumpfetch 429.571ms 4135.043ms 42182.140ms
got 420.319ms 4163.749ms 43634.187ms
axios 437.274ms 4168.437ms 47437.898ms
node-fetch 543.618ms 4217.365ms 43813.187ms


Documentation can be found at


FOSSA Status

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