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@echo off
:: The Batchography book by Elias Bachaalany --
:: Auto interpret anything
set do_delay=1
:: At least 3 arguments should be passed
if "%3"=="" goto :help
set do_cls=
set do_showftime=
set extra_args=
set cmd_args=
:: Take the required arguments
set cmd_name=%~1
set lang_name=%~1
:: Parse the optional arguments
if "%1"=="/cls" (
set do_cls=1
) else if "%1" == "/showftime" (
set do_showftime=1
) else if "%1" == "/delay" (
set /a do_delay=%~2
) else if "%1" == "/args" (
set extra_args=%~2
) else if "%1" == "/cmdargs" (
set cmd_args=%~2
) else goto :break
goto :parse_args
call :autox "%~1"
goto :eof
:autox <1=FileName>
if not exist "%~1" (
echo Input file '%1' not found
exit /b 1
set last_fdate=x
title Batchography - %lang_name% auto re-interpreting '%~1' (press 'q' to quit)
pushd "%~dp1"
:: Get the file date/time (incl. seconds)
for /f "delims=" %%i in ('"forfiles /p "%~dp1." /m "%~nx1" /c "cmd /c echo @ftime" "') do set fdate=%%i
:: Different attributes found?
if not "%last_fdate%"=="%fdate%" (
if defined do_cls cls
if defined do_showftime echo ftime=%fdate%
:: Re-interpret
call "%cmd_name%" %cmd_args% "%~1" %extra_args%
:: Remember the new date/time
set last_fdate=%fdate%
:: Wait for a second before checking for the file modification again
CHOICE /T %do_delay% /C "yq" /D y > nul
:: User pressed Q? just quit
if "%errorlevel%" neq "1" goto :eof
:: Repeat until user quits or Ctrl-C
goto repeat
echo Usage: autox 1=CommandName 2=LangName 3=Optional_Options FileName
echo Optional arguments:
echo /cls clear the screen before auto-interpreting
echo /showftime show the file time stamp before auto-interpreting
echo /delay nsecs the delay before auto-interpreting. default is %do_delay% second.
echo /cmdargs optional additional arguments to be passed to the command
echo /args "arg1 arg2" optional additional arguments to be passed to the filename
goto :eof
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