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Release notes


Released 30 November 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.5 or later.

  • Improved .NET 5 validation in Windows installer to better explain how to get the right version.
  • Fixed installer failing on Windows when run from the game folder.


Released 30 November 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.5 or later.

Update note for players with older systems:
The game now has two branches: the main branch which you'll get by default, and an optional compatibility branch for older systems. The two branches have identical content, but use different technologies.

Unfortunately SMAPI only supports the main branch of the game. There are formidable difficulties across all mods in supporting all three variations, 32-bit imposes significant restrictions on what mods can do, and the Steam hardware stats show that 99.69% of players now have 64-bit.


Released 18 October 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Fixed mod edits to the farmhouse shifting the player down one tile in some cases.
    • Fixed map tile rotations/flips not working for farmhands in split-screen mode.
    • Improved translations. Thanks to ellipszist (added Thai) and Zangorr (added Polish)!
      These are custom languages which require Stardew Valley 1.5.5 and the Polish or Thai mod.
  • For mod authors:

    • SMAPI now intercepts dictionary duplicate-key errors and adds the key to the error message to simplify troubleshooting. (Due to Harmony limitations, this only works for the dictionary types used by the game.)
    • Fixed barn/coop exit warps being reset when you edit their interior map.
  • For the web UI:

    • Added support for unified mod data overrides defined on the wiki.
    • The mod compatibility list now shows separate beta stats when 'show advanced info' is enabled.


Released 18 September 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Added more progress updates in the log during startup.
    • Simplified asset load error message.
    • Simplified exception logs.
    • Fixed crash loading mods with corrupted translation files.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added asset propagation for LooseSprites\Giftbox.
    • Improved SMAPI's crossplatform read/writing of Color, Point, Rectangle, and Vector2 in JSON to support nullable fields too.
  • For the web UI:

    • The mod compatibility list now shows the beta status by default (if any).
    • Fixed JSON validator line numbers sometimes incorrect.


Released 03 September 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Added friendly error when using SMAPI 3.2.x with Stardew Valley 1.5.5 or later.
    • Improved mod compatibility in 64-bit mode (thanks to spacechase0!).
    • Reduced load time when scanning/rewriting many mods for compatibility.
    • Dropped support for unofficial 64-bit mode. You can now use the official 64-bit Stardew Valley 1.5.5 beta instead.
    • Updated compatibility list.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added PathUtilities.NormalizeAssetName and PathUtilities.PreferredAssetSeparator to prepare for the upcoming Stardew Valley 1.5.5.
    • SMAPI no longer propagates changes to Data/Bundles.
      You can still load/edit the asset like usual, but if bundles have already been loaded for a save, SMAPI will no longer dynamically update the in-game bundles to reflect the changes. Unfortunately this caused bundle corruption when playing in non-English.
    • Fixed content packs created via helper.ContentPacks.CreateFake or CreateTemporary not initializing translations correctly.
  • For console commands:

    • Added hurry_all command which immediately warps all NPCs to their scheduled positions.

Update note for mod authors:
Stardew Valley 1.5.5 will change how asset names are formatted. If you use PathUtilities.NormalizePath to format asset names, you should switch to PathUtilities.NormalizeAssetName now so your code will continue working in the next game update.


Released 26 August 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • Fixed some mods in unofficial 64-bit mode no longer loading after SMAPI 3.12.3.


Released 25 August 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:
    • Fixed error loading some mods in SMAPI 3.12.3.


Released 25 August 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Added friendly error in 64-bit mode when a mod is 32-bit only.
    • Fixed console encoding issues on Linux/macOS.
    • Fixed some installer errors not showing info header.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added helper.Translation.GetInAllLocales to get a translation in every available locale.
    • Fixed Visual Studio debugger crash when any mods are rewritten for compatibility (thanks to spacechase0!).
    • Fixed helper.Data.WriteJsonFile not deleting the file if the model is null, unlike the other Write* methods.
    • Fixed error-handling for StackOverflowException thrown on Linux/macOS.
    • Internal changes to prepare for Stardew Valley 1.5.5.
  • For the web API:

    • Fixed update checks not shown for prerelease mod versions when you have a SMAPI beta.
    • Fixed update checks shown for prerelease mod versions if you have a working non-prerelease version.


Released 05 August 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Fixed error creating a new save or joining a multiplayer world in 3.12.1.
  • For mod authors:

    • Reverted the Constants.Save* fix in SMAPI 3.12.1.
      The change caused a number of other issues, and is only needed for rare cases where the save folder was invalid. This may be revisited in a future version instead.
    • Fixed NullReferenceException in SMAPI's error-handling when trying to handle an invalid ReflectionTypeLoadException.


Released 03 August 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • The software conflict message is now shown as a warning to simplify troubleshooting.
    • Fixed error loading older Harmony mods for some Windows players using unofficial 64-bit Stardew Valley.
    • Updated compatibility list.
  • For mod authors:

    • Fixed Constants.Save* fields incorrect if the save's folder name and ID don't match.


Released 01 August 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Added save recovery when content mods leave null objects in the save (in Error Handler).
    • Added error if the wrong SMAPI bitness is installed (e.g. 32-bit SMAPI with 64-bit game).
    • Added error if some SMAPI files aren't updated correctly.
    • Added removable option to the world_clear console command (in Console Commands, thanks to bladeoflight16!).
    • Fixed handling of Unicode characters in console commands.
    • Fixed intermittent error if a mod gets mod-provided APIs asynchronously.
    • Fixed crash when creating a farm name containing characters that aren't allowed in a folder path.
  • For mod authors:

    • Updated Harmony to 2.1.0 (see migrate to Harmony 2.0 for more info).
    • SMAPI now intercepts KeyNotFoundException errors and adds the key to the error message to simplify troubleshooting. (Due to Harmony limitations, this only works for the dictionary types used by the game.)
    • Fixed error loading .xnb files from the local mod folder.
    • Fixed reloading a map not correctly reapplying interior doors.


Released 09 July 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4.5 multiplayer hotfix on Linux/macOS.
    • Fixed installer error on Windows when running as administrator (thanks to LostLogic!).
    • Fixed installer error on some Windows systems (thanks to eddyballs!).
    • Fixed error if SMAPI fails to dispose on game exit.
    • Fixed player_add and list_items console commands not including some shirts (in Console Commands).
  • For mod authors:

    • Added World.FurnitureListChanged event (thanks to DiscipleOfEris!).
    • Added asset propagation for building/house paint masks.
    • Added log message for troubleshooting if Windows software which often causes issues is installed (currently MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner).
    • Improved validation for the manifest Dependencies field.
    • Fixed validation for mods with invalid version 0.0.0.
    • Fixed loaded with custom settings trace log added when using default settings.
    • Fixed Constants.SaveFolderName and Constants.CurrentSavePath not set correctly in rare cases.
  • For the web UI and JSON validator:

    • Updated the JSON validator/schema for Content Patcher 1.23.0.
    • Fixed JSON schema in Visual Studio Code warning about comments and trailing commas.
    • Fixed JSON schema for i18n files requiring the wrong value for the $schema field.


Released 03 May 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:
    • Fixed installer leaving an unneeded StardewModdingAPI-x64.exe file in 32-bit game folders.


Released 03 May 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Added full support for the unofficial 64-bit Stardew Valley patch, which removes memory limits. The installer detects which version of SMAPI you need, and SMAPI shows update alerts for Stardew64Installer if applicable.
    • Added smarter grouping for skipped mods, so it's easier to see root dependencies to update first.
    • Added crash recovery when the game can't update a map's seasonal tilesheets (in Error Handler). SMAPI will log an error and keep the previous tilesheets in that case.
    • Added installer option to enter a custom game path even if it detected a game folder.
    • *.ico files are now ignored when scanning for mods.
    • Fixed error for non-English players after returning to title, reloading, and entering town with a completed movie theater.
    • Fixed world_clear console command not removing resource clumps outside the farm and secret woods.
    • Fixed error running SMAPI in a strict sandbox on Linux (thanks to kuesji!).
    • Fixed StardewModdingAPI.bin.osx on macOS overwritten with an identical file on launch which would reset file permissions (thanks to 007wayne!).
    • Fixed inconsistent spelling/style for 'macOS'.
  • For modders:

    • Added support for ignoring local map tilesheet files when loading a map.
    • Added asset propagation for Data\Concessions.
    • Added SMAPI version and bitness to the console title before startup to simplify troubleshooting.
    • If a map loads a tilesheet path with no file extension, SMAPI now automatically links it to a .png version in the map folder if possible.
    • Improved error-handling during asset propagation.
    • Fixed Context.IsMainPlayer returning true for a farmhand in split-screen mode before the screen is initialized.
    • Fixed error when editing bundle data while a split-screen player is joining.
    • Fixed update subkeys not working in file descriptions for Nexus mods marked as adult content.


Released 21 March 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Added console command to reset community center bundles (in Console Commands).
    • Disabled aggressive memory optimization by default.
      The option was added in SMAPI 3.9.2 to reduce errors for some players, but it can cause multiplayer crashes with some mods. If you often see OutOfMemoryException errors, you can edit smapi-internal/config.json to re-enable it. We're experimenting with making Stardew Valley 64-bit to address memory issues more systematically.
    • Fixed bundles corrupted in non-English saves created after SMAPI 3.9.2.
      If you have an affected save, you can load your save and then enter the regenerate_bundles confirm command in the SMAPI console to fix it.
    • Internal changes to prepare for unofficial 64-bit.
  • For mod authors:

    • Improved asset propagation:
      • Added for interior door sprites.
      • SMAPI now updates the NPC pathfinding cache when map warps are changed through the content API.
      • Reduced performance impact of invalidating cached assets before a save is loaded.
      • Fixed asset changes not reapplied in the edge case where you're playing in non-English, and the changes are only applied after the save is loaded, and the player returns to title and reloads a save, and the game reloads the target asset before the save is loaded.
    • Added a second KeybindList constructor to simplify single-key default bindings.
    • Added a Constants.GameFramework field which indicates whether the game is using XNA Framework or MonoGame.
      Note: mods don't need to handle the difference in most cases, but some players may use MonoGame on Windows in upcoming versions. Mods which check Constants.TargetPlatform should review usages as needed.


Released 07 March 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:
    • Fixed installer error if the Mods folder doesn't exist in 3.9.3.


Released 07 March 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Added descriptive error if possible when a PathTooLongException crashes SMAPI or the installer.
    • The installer window now tries to stay open if it crashed, so you can read the error and ask for help.
    • Fixed console showing found 1 mod with warnings with no mods listed in some cases.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added three stages to the specialised LoadStageChanged event: CreatedInitialLocations, SaveAddedLocations, and ReturningToTitle.
    • Fixed RewriteMods option ignored when rewriting for OS compatibility.
    • Fixed edge case when playing as a farmhand in non-English where translatable assets loaded via IAssetLoader weren't reapplied immediately when the server disconnects.
  • For the web UI:

    • Updated the JSON validator/schema for Content Patcher 1.21.


Released 21 February 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:

    • Added more aggressive memory optimization to reduce OutOfMemoryException errors with some mods.
    • Improved error when Stardew Valley.exe exists but can't be loaded.
    • Fixed error running install on Windows.bat in very rare cases.
    • Fixed world_settime command not always updating outdoor ambient lighting (in Console Commands).
  • For mod authors:

    • Added early detection of disposed textures so the error details are more relevant (in Error Handler).
    • Added error details when an event command fails (in Error Handler).
    • Fixed asset propagation for TileSheets/ChairTiles not changing existing map seats.
    • Fixed edge case when playing in non-English where translatable assets loaded via IAssetLoader would no longer be applied after returning to the title screen unless manually invalidated from the cache.
  • For the web UI:

    • Updated compatibility list for the new wiki.
    • Updated the JSON validator/schema for Content Patcher 1.20.
    • Fixed mod compatibility list error if a mod has no name.
  • For SMAPI developers:

    • Fixed SMAPI toolkit defaulting the mod type incorrectly if a mod's manifest.json has neither EntryDll nor ContentPackFor. This only affects external tools, since SMAPI itself validates those fields separately.


Released 25 January 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.

  • For players:
    • Fixed tile contains an invalid TileSheet reference crash after mods change certain maps.
    • Fixed patched game code issue shown for the bundled Error Handler mod.


Released 22 January 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.4. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5.4.
    • Improved game detection in the installer:
      • The installer now prefers paths registered by Steam or GOG Galaxy.
      • The installer now detects default manual GOG installs.
    • Added clearer error text for empty mod folders created by Vortex.
    • Fixed the game's map changes not always reapplied correctly after mods change certain maps, which caused issues like the community center resetting to its non-repaired texture.
    • Fixed compatibility for very old content packs which still load maps from .xnb files. These were broken by map loading changes in Stardew Valley 1.5, but SMAPI now corrects them automatically.
    • Fixed some broken mods incorrectly listed as XNB mods under 'skipped mods'.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added new input APIs:
    • Improved multiplayer APIs:
      • PerScreen<T> now lets you get/set the value for any screen, get all active values, or clear all values.
      • Peer data from the multiplayer API/events now includes IsSplitScreen and ScreenID fields.
      • Fixed network messages through the multiplayer API being sent to players who don't have SMAPI installed in some cases.
    • Improved asset propagation:
      • Updated map propagation for the changes in Stardew Valley 1.5.4.
      • Added propagation for some Strings\StringsFromCSFiles keys (mainly short day names).
      • Fixed quarry bridge not fixed if the mountain map was reloaded.
    • Added an option to disable rewriting mods for compatibility (thanks to Bpendragon!). This prevents older mods from loading, but bypasses a Visual Studio crash when debugging.
    • Game errors shown in the chatbox are now logged.
    • Moved vanilla error-handling into a new Error Handler mod. This simplifies the core SMAPI logic, and lets users disable it if needed.
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • Removed the inf option for player_sethealth, player_setmoney, and player_setstamina. You can use mods like CJB Cheats Menu instead for that.
  • For the Error Handler mod:

    • Added a detailed message for the Input string was not in a correct format error when the game fails to parse an item text description.
  • For the web UI:

    • Fixed JSON validator incorrectly marking some manifest update keys as invalid.


Released 15 January 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.3 or later.

  • For players:

    • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5.3.
    • Fixed issue where title screen music didn't stop after loading a save.
  • For mod authors:

    • Fixed SemanticVersion comparisons returning wrong value in rare cases.


Released 08 January 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.2 or later.

  • For players:

    • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5.2.
    • Reduced memory usage.
    • You can now enter console commands for a specific screen in split-screen mode by adding screen=ID to the command.
    • Typing help in the SMAPI console is now more helpful.
  • For mod authors:

    • Simplified tilesheet order warning added in SMAPI 3.8.2.
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • Removed experimental performance command. Unfortunately this impacted SMAPI's memory usage and performance, and the data was often misinterpreted. This may be replaced with more automatic performance alerts in a future version.


Released 03 January 2021 for Stardew Valley 1.5.1 or later.

  • For players:

    • SMAPI now blocks farm map replacements that would crash the game in Stardew Valley 1.5.
    • On Linux, the SMAPI installer now auto-detects Flatpak Steam paths.
    • Updated compatibility list.
    • Fixed errors when multiple players join in split-screen mode.
    • Fixed 'skipped mods' section repeating mods in some cases.
    • Fixed out-of-date error text.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added warning when a map replacement changes the order/IDs of the original tilesheets, which may cause errors and crashes. Doing so for a farm map is blocked outright since that causes a consistent crash in Stardew Valley 1.5.
    • Message data from the ModMessageReceived event now uses the same serializer settings as the rest of SMAPI. That mainly adds support for sending crossplatform Color, Point, Vector2, Rectangle, and SemanticVersion fields through network messages.
    • When a mod is blocked by SMAPI's compatibility override list, the TRACE messages while loading it now say so and indicate why.
    • Fixed how the input API handles UI scaling. This mainly affects ICursorPosition values returned by the API; see the wiki docs for how to account for UI scaling.


Released 26 December 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.5.1 or later.

  • For players:

    • Fixed broken community center bundles for non-English saves created in Stardew Valley 1.5. Affected saves will be fixed automatically on load.
  • For mod authors:

    • World events are now raised for volcano dungeon levels.
    • Added apply_save_fix command to reapply a save migration in exceptional cases. This should be used very carefully. Type help apply_save_fix for details.
    • Deprecation notice: the Helper.ConsoleCommands.Trigger method is now deprecated and should no longer be used. See integration APIs for better mod integration options. It will eventually be removed in SMAPI 4.0.

For the web UI:

  • Fixed edge cases in SMAPI log parsing.


Released 21 December 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.5 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5, including split-screen support.
    • You can now run the installer from a subfolder of your game folder to auto-detect it. That simplifies installation if you have multiple copies of the game or it can't otherwise auto-detect the game path.
    • Clarified error when the SMAPI installer is in the Mods folder.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added PerScreen<T> utility and new Context fields to simplify split-screen support in mods.
    • Added screen ID to log when playing in split-screen mode.
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • Added furniture option to world_clear.
  • For the web UI:

    • Updated the JSON validator/schema for Content Patcher 1.19.


Released 21 November 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For players:

    • Fixed error when heuristically rewriting an outdated mod in rare cases.
    • Fixed rare 'collection was modified' error when using harmony summary console command.
  • For mod authors:

    • Updated TMXTile to 1.5.8 to fix exported .tmx files losing tile index properties.
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • player_add can now spawn shirts normally only available during character customization.
    • player_add now applies fish pond rules for roe items. (That mainly adds Clam Roe, Sea Urchin Roe, and custom roe from mods.)


Released 16 October 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For mod authors:
    • Fixed changes to the town map asset not reapplying the game's community center, JojaMart, and Pam house changes.


Released 03 October 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For players:

    • Improved performance on some older computers (thanks to millerscout!).
    • Fixed update alerts for Chucklefish forum mods broken by a recent site change.
  • For mod authors:

    • Updated dependencies (including Mono.Cecil 0.11.2 → 0.11.3 and Platonymous.TMXTile 1.3.8 → 1.5.6).
    • Fixed asset propagation for Data\MoviesReactions.
    • Fixed error in content pack path handling when you pass a null path.
  • For the web UI:

    • Updated the JSON validator/schema for Content Patcher 1.18.
  • For SMAPI developers:

    • Simplified preparing a mod build config package release.


Released 16 September 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For players:

    • Fixed errors on Linux/macOS due to content packs with incorrect filename case.
    • Fixed map rendering crash due to conflict between SMAPI and PyTK.
    • Fixed error in heuristically-rewritten mods in rare cases (thanks to collaboration with ZaneYork!).
  • For mod authors:

    • File paths accessed through IContentPack are now case-insensitive (even on Linux).
  • For the web UI:

    • You can now renew the expiry for an uploaded JSON/log file if you need it longer.


Released 08 September 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For players:

    • Fixed mod recipe changes not always applied in 3.7.
  • For mod authors:

    • Renamed PathUtilities.NormalizePathSeparators to NormalizePath, and added normalization for more cases.


Released 08 September 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For players:
    • Fixed input-handling bugs in 3.7.


Released 07 September 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Added heuristic compatibility rewrites. (This improves mod compatibility with Android and future game updates.)
    • Tweaked the rules for showing update alerts (see for SMAPI developers below for details).
    • Simplified the error shown for duplicate mods.
    • Fixed crossplatform compatibility for mods which use the [HarmonyPatch(type)] attribute (thanks to spacechase0!).
    • Fixed map tile rotation broken when you return to the title screen and reload a save.
    • Fixed broken URL in update alerts for unofficial versions.
    • Fixed rare error when a mod adds/removes event handlers asynchronously.
    • Fixed rare issue where the console showed incorrect colors when mods wrote to it asynchronously.
    • Fixed SMAPI not always detecting broken field references in mod code.
    • Removed the experimental RewriteInParallel option added in SMAPI 3.6 (it was already disabled by default). Unfortunately this caused intermittent and unpredictable errors when enabled.
    • Internal changes to prepare for upcoming game updates.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added PathUtilities to simplify working with file/asset names.
    • You can now read/write SDate values to JSON (e.g. for config.json, network mod messages, etc).
    • Fixed asset propagation not updating title menu buttons immediately on Linux/macOS.
  • For the web UI:

    • Updated the JSON validator/schema for Content Patcher 1.16 and 1.17.
  • For SMAPI developers:

    • The web API now returns an update alert in two new cases: any newer unofficial update (previously only shown if the mod was incompatible), and a newer prerelease version if the installed non-prerelease version is broken (previously only shown if the installed version was prerelease).
    • Reorganised the SMAPI core to reduce coupling to game types like Game1, make it easier to navigate, and simplify future game updates.
    • SMAPI now automatically fixes code broken by these changes in game code, so manual rewriters are no longer needed:
      • reference to a method with new optional parameters;
      • reference to a field replaced by a property;
      • reference to a field replaced by a const field.
    • FieldReplaceRewriter now supports mapping to a different target type.


Released 02 August 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For players:

    • Improved compatibility with some Linux terminals (thanks to jlaw and Spatterjaaay!).
    • Fixed rare error when a mod adds/removes an event handler from an event handler.
    • Fixed string sorting/comparison for some special characters.
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • Fixed error opening menu when some item data is invalid.
    • Fixed spawned Floor TV not functional as a TV (thanks to Platonymous!).
    • Fixed spawned sturgeon roe having incorrect color.
  • For mod authors:

    • Updated internal dependencies.
    • SMAPI now ignores more file types when scanning for mod folders (.doc, .docx, .rar, and .zip).
    • Added current GPU to trace logs to simplify troubleshooting.


Released 21 June 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • Fixed event priority sorting.


Released 20 June 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Added crossplatform compatibility for mods which use the [HarmonyPatch(type)] attribute.
    • Added experimental option to reduce startup time when loading mod DLLs (thanks to ZaneYork!). Enable RewriteInParallel in the smapi-internal/config.json to try it.
    • Reduced processing time when a mod loads many unpacked images (thanks to Entoarox!).
    • Mod load warnings are now listed alphabetically.
    • macOS files starting with ._ are now ignored and can no longer cause skipped mods.
    • Simplified paranoid warning logs and reduced their log level.
    • Fixed black maps on Android for mods which use .tmx files.
    • Fixed BadImageFormatException error detection.
    • Fixed reload_i18n command not reloading content pack translations.
  • For the web UI:

    • Added GitHub licenses to mod compatibility list.
    • Improved JSON validator:
      • added SMAPI i18n schema;
      • editing an uploaded file now remembers the selected schema;
      • changed default schema to plain JSON.
    • Updated ModDrop URLs.
    • Internal changes to improve performance and reliability.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added event priorities (thanks to spacechase0!).
    • Added update subkeys.
    • Added a custom build of Harmony to provide more useful stack traces in error logs.
    • Added harmony_summary console command to list or search current Harmony patches.
    • Added Multiplayer.PeerConnected event.
    • Added support for overriding update keys from the wiki compatibility list.
    • Improved mod rewriting for compatibility to support more cases (e.g. custom attributes and generic types).
    • Fixed helper.Reflection blocking access to game methods/properties intercepted by SMAPI.
    • Fixed asset propagation for Gil's portraits.
    • Fixed .pdb files ignored for error stack traces when mods are rewritten by SMAPI.
    • Fixed ModMessageReceived event handlers not tracked for performance monitoring.
  • For SMAPI developers:

    • Eliminated MongoDB storage in the web services, which complicated the code unnecessarily. The app still uses an abstract interface for storage, so we can wrap a distributed cache in the future if needed.
    • Overhauled update checks to simplify mod site integrations, centralize common logic, and enable upcoming features.
    • Merged the separate legacy redirects app on AWS into the main app on Azure.
    • Changed SMAPI's Harmony ID from io.smapi to SMAPI for readability in Harmony summaries.


Released 27 April 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • SMAPI now prevents more game errors due to broken items, so you no longer need save editing to remove them.
    • Added option to disable console colors.
    • Updated compatibility list.
    • Improved translations.¹
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • Commands like world_setday now also affect the 'days played' stat, so in-game events/randomization match what you'd get if you played to that date normally (thanks to kdau!).
  • For the web UI:

    • Updated the JSON validator/schema for Content Patcher 1.13.
    • Fixed rare intermittent "CGI application encountered an error" errors.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added map patching to the content API (via asset.AsMap()).
    • Added support for using patch helpers with arbitrary data (via helper.Content.GetPatchHelper).
    • Added SDate fields/methods: SeasonIndex, FromDaysSinceStart, FromWorldDate, ToWorldDate, and ToLocaleString (thanks to kdau!).
    • Added SDate translations taken from the Lookup Anything mod.¹
    • Fixed asset propagation for certain maps loaded through temporary content managers. This notably fixes unreliable patches to the farmhouse and town maps.
    • Fixed asset propagation on Linux/macOS for monster sprites, NPC dialogue, and NPC schedules.
    • Fixed asset propagation for NPC dialogue sometimes causing a spouse to skip marriage dialogue or not allow kisses.

¹ Date format translations were taken from the Lookup Anything mod; thanks to translators FixThisPlz (improved Russian), LeecanIt (added Italian), pomepome (added Japanese), S2SKY (added Korean), Sasara (added German), SteaNN (added Russian), ThomasGabrielDelavault (added Spanish), VincentRoth (added French), Yllelder (improved Spanish), and yuwenlan (added Chinese). Some translations for Korean, Hungarian, and Turkish were derived from the game translations.


Released 24 March 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • For mod authors:
    • Asset changes now propagate to NPCs in an event (e.g. wedding sprites).
    • Fixed mouse input suppression not working in SMAPI 3.4.


Released 22 March 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Fixed semi-transparency issues on Linux/macOS in recent versions of Mono (e.g. pink shadows).
    • Fixed player_add command error if you have broken XNB mods.
    • Removed invalid-location check now handled by the game.
    • Updated translations. Thanks to Annosz (added Hungarian)!
  • For mod authors:

    • Added support for flipped and rotated map tiles (thanks to collaboration with Platonymous!).
    • Added support for .tmx maps using zlib compression (thanks to Platonymous!).
    • Added this.Monitor.LogOnce method.
    • Mods are no longer prevented from suppressing key presses in the chatbox.
  • For the web UI:

    • Added option to upload files using a file picker.
    • Optimized log parser for very long multi-line log messages.
    • Fixed log parser not detecting folder path in recent versions of SMAPI.
  • For SMAPI developers:

    • Added internal API to send custom input to the game/mods. This is mainly meant to support Virtual Keyboard on Android, but might be exposed as a public API in future versions.


Released 22 February 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • Fixed mods receiving their own message broadcasts.


Released 22 February 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later.

  • Fixed errors with custom spouse room mods in SMAPI 3.3.


Released 22 February 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Improved performance for mods which load many images.
    • Reduced network traffic for mod broadcasts to players who can't process them.
    • Fixed update-check errors for recent versions of SMAPI on Android.
    • Updated draw logic to match recent game updates.
    • Updated compatibility list.
    • Updated SMAPI/game version map.
    • Updated translations. Thanks to xCarloC (added Italian)!
  • For the Save Backup mod:

    • Fixed warning on macOS when you have no saves yet.
    • Reduced log messages.
  • For the web UI:

    • Updated the JSON validator and Content Patcher schema for .tmx support.
    • The mod compatibility page now has a sticky table header.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added support for message sending to mods on the current computer (in addition to remote computers).
    • Added ExtendImage method to content API when editing files to resize textures.
    • Added helper.Input.GetState to get the low-level state of a button.
    • [Breaking change] Map tilesheets are no loaded from Content if they can't be found in Content/Maps. This reflects an upcoming change in the game to delete duplicate map tilesheets under Content. Most mods should be unaffected.
    • Improved map tilesheet errors so they provide more info.
    • When mods load an asset using a more general type like content.Load<object>, SMAPI now calls IAssetEditor instances with the actual asset type instead of the specified one.
    • Updated dependencies (including Mono.Cecil 0.11.1 → 0.11.2).
    • Fixed dialogue propagation clearing marriage dialogue.
  • For SMAPI/tool developers:

    • Improved support for four-part versions to support SMAPI on Android.
    • The SMAPI log now prefixes the OS name with Android on Android.


Released 01 February 2020 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • SMAPI now prevents crashes due to invalid schedule data.
    • SMAPI now prevents crashes due to invalid building types.
    • Added support for persistent smapi-internal/config.json overrides (see info in the file).
    • Updated minimum game version (1.4 → 1.4.1).
    • Fixed 'collection was modified' error when returning to title in rare cases.
    • Fixed error when update-checking a mod with a Chucklefish page that has no version.
    • Fixed rare error when building/demolishing buildings.
    • Fixed SMAPI beta versions not showing update alert on next launch (thanks to danvolchek!).
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • Added performance command to track mod performance metrics. This is an advanced experimental feature. (Thanks to Drachenkätzchen!)
    • Added test_input command to view button codes in the console.
  • For the Save Backup mod:

    • Fixed extra files under Saves (e.g. manual backups) not being ignored.
    • Fixed Android issue where game files were backed up.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added support for .tmx map files. (Thanks to Platonymous for the underlying library!)
    • Added special handling for Vector2 values in .json files, so they work consistently crossplatform.
    • Reworked the order that asset editors/loaders are called between multiple mods to support some framework mods like Content Patcher and Json Assets. Note that the order is undefined and should not be depended on.
    • Fixed incorrect warning about mods adding invalid schedules in some cases. The validation was unreliable, and has been removed.
    • Fixed asset propagation not updating other players' sprites.
    • Fixed asset propagation for player sprites not updating recolor maps (e.g. sleeves).
    • Fixed asset propagation for marriage dialogue.
    • Fixed dialogue asset changes not correctly propagated until the next day.
    • Fixed helper.Data.Read/WriteGlobalData using the Saves folder instead of the game's appdata folder. The installer will move existing folders automatically.
    • Fixed issue where a mod which implemented IAssetEditor/IAssetLoader on its entry class could then remove itself from the editor/loader list.
  • For SMAPI/tool developers:

    • Added internal performance monitoring (thanks to Drachenkätzchen!). This is disabled by default in the current version, but can be enabled using the performance console command.
    • Added internal support for four-part versions to support SMAPI on Android.
    • Rewrote SemanticVersion parsing.
    • Updated links for the new r/SMAPI subreddit.
    • The /mods web API endpoint now includes version mappings from the wiki.
    • Dropped API support for the pre-3.0 update-check format.


Released 05 January 2019 for Stardew Valley 1.4.1 or later. See release highlights.

  • For players:

    • Added separate group in 'skipped mods' list for broken dependencies, so it's easier to see what to fix first.
    • Added friendly log message for save file-not-found errors.
    • Updated for gamepad modes in Stardew Valley 1.4.1.
    • Improved performance in some cases.
    • Fixed compatibility with Linux Mint 18 (thanks to techge!), Arch Linux, and Linux systems with libhybris-utils installed.
    • Fixed memory leak when repeatedly loading a save and returning to title.
    • Fixed memory leak when mods reload assets.
    • Updated translations. Thanks to L30Bola (added Portuguese), PlussRolf (added Spanish), and shirutan (added Japanese)!
  • For the Console Commands mod:

    • Added new clothing items.
    • Fixed spawning new flooring and rings (thanks to Mizzion!).
    • Fixed spawning custom rings added by mods.
    • Fixed errors when some item data is invalid.
  • For the web UI:

    • Added option to edit & reupload in the JSON validator.
    • File uploads are now stored in Azure storage instead of Pastebin, due to ongoing Pastebin perfomance issues.
    • File uploads now expire after one month.
    • Updated the JSON validator for Content Patcher 1.10 and 1.11.
    • Fixed JSON validator no longer letting you change format when viewing a file.
    • Fixed JSON validator for Content Patcher not requiring Default if AllowBlank was omitted.
    • Fixed log parser not correctly handling content packs with no author (thanks to danvolchek!).
    • Fixed main sidebar link pointing to wiki instead of home page.
  • For mod authors:

    • Added World.ChestInventoryChanged event (thanks to collaboration with wartech0!).
    • Added asset propagation for...
      • grass textures;
      • winter flooring textures;
      • Data\Bundles changes (for added bundles only);
      • Characters\Farmer\farmer_girl_base_bald.
    • Added paranoid-mode warning for direct Console access.
    • Improved error messages for TargetParameterCountException when using the reflection API.
    • helper.Read/WriteSaveData can now be used while a save is being loaded (e.g. within a Specialized.LoadStageChanged event).
    • Removed DumpMetadata option. It was only for specific debugging cases, but players would sometimes enable it incorrectly and then report crashes.
    • Fixed private textures loaded from content packs not having their Name field set.
  • For SMAPI developers:

    • You can now run local environments without configuring Amazon, Azure, MongoDB, and Pastebin accounts.


Released 02 December 2019 for Stardew Valley 1.4 or later.

  • For players:

    • Updated for Stardew Valley
    • Improved compatibility with some Linux terminals (thanks to archification and DanielHeath!).
    • Updated translations. Thanks to berkayylmao (added Turkish), feathershine (added Chinese), and Osiris901 (added Russian)!
  • For the web UI:

    • Rebuilt web infrastructure to handle higher traffic.
    • If a log can't be uploaded to Pastebin (e.g. due to rate limits), it's now uploaded to Amazon S3 instead. Logs uploaded to S3 expire after one month.
    • Fixed JSON validator not letting you drag & drop a file.
  • For mod authors:

    • SemanticVersion now supports semver 2.0 build metadata.


Released 26 November 2019 for Stardew Valley 1.4.

Release highlights

For players:

  • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4.
    SMAPI 3.0 adds compatibility with the latest game version, and improves mod APIs for changes in the game code.

  • Improved performance.
    SMAPI should have less impact on game performance and startup time for some players.

  • Automatic save fixing and more error recovery.
    SMAPI now detects and prevents more crashes due to game/mod bugs, and automatically fixes your save if you remove some custom-content mods.

  • Improved mod scanning.
    SMAPI now supports some non-standard mod structures automatically, improves compatibility with the Vortex mod manager, and improves various error/skip messages related to mod loading.

  • Overhauled update checks.
    SMAPI update checks are now handled entirely on the web server and support community-defined version mappings. In particular, false update alerts due to author mistakes can now be solved by the community for all players.

  • Fixed many bugs and edge cases.

For mod authors:

  • New event system.
    SMAPI 3.0 removes the deprecated static events in favor of the new helper.Events API. The event engine is rewritten to make events more efficient, add events that weren't possible before, make existing events more useful, and make event usage and behavior more consistent. When a mod makes changes in an event handler, those changes are now also reflected in the next event raise.

  • Improved mod build package.
    The mod build package now includes the assets folder by default if present, supports the new .csproj project format, enables mod .pdb files automatically (to provide line numbers in error messages), adds optional Harmony support, and fixes some bugs and edge cases. This also adds compatibility with SMAPI 3.0 and Stardew Valley 1.4, and drops support for older versions.

  • Mods loaded earlier.
    SMAPI now loads mods much earlier, before the game is initialised. That lets mods do things that were difficult before, like intercepting some core assets.

  • Improved Android support.
    SMAPI now automatically detects when it's running on Android, and updates Constants.TargetPlatform so mods can adjust their logic if needed. The Save Backup mod is also now Android-compatible.

  • Improved asset propagation.
    SMAPI now automatically propagates asset changes for farm animal data, NPC default location data, critter textures, and DayTimeMoneyBox buttons. Every loaded texture now also has a Name field so mods can check which asset a texture was loaded for.

  • Breaking changes:
    See migrate to SMAPI 3.0 and migrate to Stardew Valley 1.4 for more info.

For players

  • Changes:
    • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4.
    • Improved performance.
    • Reworked update checks and added community-defined version mapping, to reduce false update alerts due to author mistakes.
    • SMAPI now removes invalid locations/NPCs when loading a save to prevent crashes. A warning is shown in-game when this happens.
    • Added update checks for CurseForge mods.
    • Added support for editing console colors via smapi-internal/config.json (for players with unusual consoles).
    • Added support for setting SMAPI CLI arguments as environment variables for Linux/macOS compatibility.
    • Improved mod scanning:
      • Now ignores metadata files/folders (like __MACOSX and __folder_managed_by_vortex) and content files (like .txt or .png), which avoids missing-manifest errors in some cases.
      • Now detects XNB mods more accurately, and consolidates multi-folder XNB mods in logged messages.
    • Improved launch script compatibility on Linux (thanks to kurumushi and toastal!).
    • Made error messages more user-friendly in some cases.
    • Save Backup now works in the background, to avoid affecting startup time for players with a large number of saves.
    • The installer now recognises custom game paths stored in stardewvalley.targets.
    • Duplicate-mod errors now show the mod version in each folder.
    • Update checks are now faster in some cases.
    • Updated mod compatibility list.
    • Updated SMAPI/game version map.
    • Updated translations. Thanks to eren-kemer (added German)!
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed some assets not updated when you switch language to English.
    • Fixed lag in some cases due to incorrect asset caching when playing in non-English.
    • Fixed lag when a mod invalidates many NPC portraits/sprites at once.
    • Fixed Console Commands not including upgraded tools in item commands.
    • Fixed Console Commands' item commands failing if a mod adds invalid item data.
    • Fixed Save Backup not pruning old backups if they're uncompressed.
    • Fixed issues when a farmhand reconnects before the game notices they're disconnected.
    • Fixed 'received message' logs shown in non-developer mode.
    • Fixed various error messages and inconsistent spelling.
    • Fixed update-check error if a Nexus mod is marked as adult content.
    • Fixed update-check error if the Chucklefish page for an update key doesn't exist.

For the web UI

  • Mod compatibility list:

    • Added support for CurseForge mods.
    • Added metadata links and dev notes (if any) to advanced info.
    • Now loads faster (since data is fetched in a background service).
    • Now continues working with cached data when the wiki is offline.
    • Clicking a mod link now automatically adds it to the visible mods if the list is filtered.
  • JSON validator:

    • Added JSON validator at, which lets you validate a JSON file against predefined mod formats.
    • Added support for the manifest.json format.
    • Added support for the Content Patcher format (thanks to TehPers!).
    • Added support for referencing a schema in a JSON Schema-compatible text editor.
  • For the log parser:

    • Added instructions for Android.
    • The page now detects your OS and preselects the right instructions (thanks to danvolchek!).

For mod authors

  • Breaking changes:
    • Mods are now loaded much earlier in the game launch. This lets mods intercept any content asset, but the game is not fully initialized when Entry is called; use the GameLaunched event if you need to run code when the game is initialized.
    • Removed all deprecated APIs.
    • Removed unused APIs: Monitor.ExitGameImmediately, Translation.ModName, and Translation.Assert.
    • Fixed ICursorPosition.AbsolutePixels not adjusted for zoom.
    • SemanticVersion no longer omits .0 patch numbers when formatting versions, for better semver conformity (e.g. 3.0 is now formatted as 3.0.0).
  • Changes:
    • Added support for content pack translations.
    • Added IContentPack.HasFile, Context.IsGameLaunched, and SemanticVersion.TryParse.
    • Added separate LogNetworkTraffic option to make verbose logging less overwhelmingly verbose.
    • Added asset propagation for Data\FarmAnimals, critter textures, and DayTimeMoneyBox buttons.
    • Added Texture2D.Name values set to the asset key.
    • Added trace logs for skipped loose files in the Mods folder and custom SMAPI settings so it's easier to troubleshoot player logs.
    • Constants.TargetPlatform now returns Android when playing on an Android device.
    • Trace logs for a broken mod now list all detected issues (instead of the first one).
    • Trace logs when loading mods are now more clear.
    • Clarified update-check errors for mods with multiple update keys.
    • Updated dependencies (including Json.NET 11.0.2 → 12.0.3 and Mono.Cecil 0.10.1 → 0.11.1).
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed map reloads resetting tilesheet seasons.
    • Fixed map reloads not updating door warps.
    • Fixed outdoor tilesheets being seasonalised when added to an indoor location.
    • Fixed mods needing to load custom Map assets before the game accesses them. SMAPI now does so automatically.
    • Fixed custom maps loaded from .xnb files not having their tilesheet paths automatically adjusted.
    • Fixed custom maps loaded from the mod folder with tilesheets in a subfolder not working crossplatform. All tilesheet paths are now normalized for the OS automatically.
    • Fixed issue where mod changes weren't tracked correctly for raising events in some cases. Events now reflect a frozen snapshot of the game state, and any mod changes are reflected in the next event tick.
    • Fixed issue where, when a mod's IAssetEditor uses asset.ReplaceWith on a texture asset while playing in non-English, any changes from that point forth wouldn't affect subsequent cached asset loads.
    • Fixed asset propagation for NPC portraits resetting any unique portraits (e.g. Maru's hospital portrait) to the default.
    • Fixed changes to Data\NPCDispositions not always propagated correctly to existing NPCs.
    • Fixed Rendering/Rendered events not raised during minigames.
    • Fixed LoadStageChanged event not raising correct flags in some cases when creating a new save.
    • Fixed GetApi without an interface not checking if all mods are loaded.

For SMAPI maintainers

  • Added support for core translation files.
  • Migrated to new .csproj format.
  • Internal refactoring.

2.11.3 and earlier

See older release notes.