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Handy Install a Web Server with ruTorrent and Cakebox --HwsT--
ruTorrent and Cakebox multiuser
Apache2 or nginx

Install on Debian 8 or Ubuntu 16 server

  • apache / nginx
  • php
  • rtorrent
    • librtorrent
    • xmlrpc
  • ruTorrent multiuser
    • mediainfo
    • ffmpeg
  • Cakebox multiuser
  • WebMin

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With this utility you can

  • Create other ruTorrent/Cakebox users and thus share your server.
    • Creating a linux user and a rutorrent/cakebox user
    • Security ruTorrent/cakebox with password
    • Block the new user has his /home/download from rutorrent/cakebox
    • Block the new user has his /home from sftp
    • Prohibits new user access via ssh
  • Change passwords
  • Add a firewall
  • Add a VPN (openVPN)
  • Perform a system diagnosis

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Please read Wiki in french

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