Interact with the Patreon API via OAuth
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Interact with the Patreon API via OAuth.

[Maven Central]

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Step 1. Get your client_id and client_secret

Visit the Patreon Platform Page while logged in as a Patreon creator to register your client.

This will provide you with a client_id and a client_secret.

Step 2. Use this library

For the Log In with Patreon flow

import com.github.jasminb.jsonapi.JSONAPIDocument;
import com.patreon.PatreonAPI;
import com.patreon.PatreonOAuth;
import com.patreon.PatreonOAuth;
import com.patreon.resources.User;
import com.patreon.resources.Pledge;


String clientId = null; // Get this when you set up your client
String clientSecret = null; // Get this when you set up your client
String redirectUri = null; // Provide this to set up your client

String code = null; // Get this from the query parameter `code`

PatreonOAuth oauthClient = new PatreonOAuth(clientId, clientSecret, redirectUri);
PatreonOAuth.TokensResponse tokens = oauthClient.getTokens(code);
//Store the refresh TokensResponse in your data store
String accessToken = tokens.getAccessToken();

PatreonAPI apiClient = new PatreonAPI(accessToken);
JSONAPIDocument<User> userResponse = apiClient.fetchUser();
User user = userResponse.get();
List<Pledge> pledges = user.getPledges()
if (pledges != null && pledges.size() > 0) {
    Pledge pledge = pledges.get(0);
// You should save the user's PatreonOAuth.TokensResponse in your database
// (for refreshing their Patreon data whenever you like),
// along with any relevant user info or pledge info you want to store.