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Working Hours Counter for Humans
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                       WHCH (Working Hours Counter for Humans).
                                   version 0.2

                        Copyright (C) 2010 Openismus GmbH

                               Patricia Santana Cruz

                                    November 2010


   |           Table of Contents          |
   |  * About                             |
   |    + What Is 'WHCH?'                 |
   |    + License                         |
   |                                      |
   |  * Using WHCH                        |
   |    + How To Use 'WHCH?'              |
   |    + Installation                    |
   |    + FIXMEs and TODOs                |



What Is 'WHCH?'
WHCH stands for "Working Hours Counter for Humans".

This is an application for tracking the time spent on
individual projects.


       WHCH is an Open Source project, Free Software released under the
       GNU General Public License (GPL). It is free, and the 'source code'
       behind the program is available. (This allows others to add features,
       fix bugs, and use parts of the program in their own GPL'd software.)

                                Using WHCH

How To Use 'WHCH?'

Step 1.
Add new clients or tasks associated with clients under "Task->Add new task"
in the main window or from the top menu under "Settings->Clients and tasks".

Step 2. 
Click on "Start" button to  indicate that you are going to start a task and
go on working on the task.

Step 3. 
When finished with the current task, select a task from the "Task" list in
the main window.

Step 4.
Write a detailed description in the "Details" field in the main window for the
task you were working on.

Step 5. 
Click on "Stop" button and the task will be shown in the main window and saved
automatically. Edition of start/end time and details is possible by clicking
on those fields.

Step 6 [Optional].
Export the list of tasks to Wikimedia format under "File->Export To Wikimedia 
Format ..." in the top menu.

In case you need or you want to edit the .xml file containing the generated list
of tasks yourself, you can find it under /home/user/.whch_log.xml.


This project uses the qmake build system. To install it, follow the next steps:

qmake PREFIX=/wanted/prefix
make install

To build with warnings as errors, do this:
qmake QMAKE_CXXFLAGS="-pedantic -Wall -Wextra -Wno-long-long -Werror" PREFIX=/wanted/prefix

For development using QtCreator (2.0+) and opening is recommended.

See FIXME and TODO comments in the code or follow the project's
lists in GitHub [1][2].

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