Debugging made easy. Automatically create QuickLook images of custom objects
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Debugging made easy. Automatically create QuickLook images of custom objects.

This project helps developers to visualize custom objects and will therefore speed up your development process.

Lets say we have a custom Object called "Person" and want to inspect all variables in Xcode. This will look something like that:

alt text

With CocoaDebugKit it will look like this:

alt text

So how can we achieve this goal? It´s easy just add this Framework to your Project and implement this method in your custom object:

#import "Person.h"
#import <CocoaDebugKit/CocoaDebugKit.h>

@implementation Person

- (id)debugQuickLookObject
    return [CocoaDebugView debugViewWithAllPropertiesOfObject:self includeSuperclasses:YES];


After that set a breakpoint in your code, select an object you want to inspect and hit space. This will open a small quicklook popover with the contents of your object.


  • macOS 10.9+
  • Xcode 6.2+

Known Limitations

  • NSObject rootclass required
  • Cocoa Runtime

Both of these limitations don't prevent you from using CocoaDebugKit. You can always create the debugView manually:

- (id)debugQuickLookObject
    CocoaDebugView *view = [CocoaDebugView debugView];

    [view addLineWithDescription:@"Image:" image:self.image];
    [view addLineWithDescription:@"First Name:" string:self.firstName];
    [view addLineWithDescription:@"Last Name:" string:self.lastName];
    [view addLineWithDescription:@"Birthday" date:self.birthday];

    return view;


On iOS returning a UIView subclass to QuickLook may result in an empty preview. To fix this simply return an image.

return [[CocoaDebugView debugViewWithAllPropertiesOfObject:self includeSuperclasses:YES] imageRepresentation];