newsreadr is a web based RSS/Atom reader
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newsreadr is a web based RSS and Atom reader.


  1. Install Java 8 Development Kit
  2. Clone sourcecode
  3. Execute ./mvnw clean install on Unix or mvnw clean install on Windows
  4. The target JAR file can be found under target/newsreadr-server.jar


  1. Install Java 8 Runtime Environment
  2. Setup a new database by executing CREATE DATABASE `newsreadr` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;
  3. Create a new folder
  4. Copy newsreadr-server.jar and into the folder
  5. Rename to, open it with a text editor and configure the database connection
  6. Start the application by executing java -jar newsreadr-server.jar
  7. Start your browser, open http://server:8080 (where server is the name or IP of your computer) and log in with username admin and password password (please change it immediately).

If you want to install newsreadr as a linux service, have a look at section Unix/Linux services of the official Spring Boot documentation.