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* Custom Type Definitions
* When including 3rd party modules you also need to include the type definition for the module
* if they don't provide one within the module. You can try to install it with @types
npm install @types/node
npm install @types/lodash
* If you can't find the type definition in the registry we can make an ambient/global definition in
* this file for now. For example
declare module 'my-module' {
export function doesSomething(value: string): string;
* If you are using a CommonJS module that is using module.exports then you will have to write your
* types using export = yourObjectOrFunction with a namespace above it
* notice how we have to create a namespace that is equal to the function we're
* assigning the export to
declare module 'jwt-decode' {
function jwtDecode(token: string): any;
namespace jwtDecode {}
export = jwtDecode;
* If you're prototying and you will fix the types later you can also declare it as type any
declare var assert: any;
declare var _: any;
declare var $: any;
* If you're importing a module that uses Node.js modules which are CommonJS you need to import as
* in the files such as main.browser.ts or any file within app/
import * as _ from 'lodash'
* You can include your type definitions in this file until you create one for the @types
// support NodeJS modules without type definitions
declare module '*';
// for legacy tslint etc to understand rename 'modern-lru' with your package
// then comment out `declare module '*';`. For each new module copy/paste
// this method of creating an `any` module type definition
declare module 'modern-lru' {
let x: any;
export = x;
// Extra variables that live on Global that will be replaced by webpack DefinePlugin
declare var ENV: string;
declare var HMR: boolean;
declare var System: SystemJS;
// declare const FIREBASE_CONFIG: FirebaseConfig;
interface FirebaseConfig {
apiKey: string;
authDomain: string;
databaseURL: string;
projectId: string;
storageBucket: string;
messagingSenderId: string;
interface SystemJS {
import: (path?: string) => Promise<any>;
interface GlobalEnvironment {
ENV: string;
HMR: boolean;
SystemJS: SystemJS;
System: SystemJS;
// FIREBASE_CONFIG: FirebaseConfig;
interface Es6PromiseLoader {
(id: string): (exportName?: string) => Promise<any>;
type FactoryEs6PromiseLoader = () => Es6PromiseLoader;
type FactoryPromise = () => Promise<any>;
type AsyncRoutes = {
[component: string]: Es6PromiseLoader |
Function |
FactoryEs6PromiseLoader |
FactoryPromise ;
type IdleCallbacks = Es6PromiseLoader |
Function |
FactoryEs6PromiseLoader |
FactoryPromise ;
interface WebpackModule {
hot: {
data?: any,
idle: any,
accept(dependencies?: string | string[], callback?: (updatedDependencies?: any) => void): void;
decline(deps?: any | string | string[]): void;
dispose(callback?: (data?: any) => void): void;
addDisposeHandler(callback?: (data?: any) => void): void;
removeDisposeHandler(callback?: (data?: any) => void): void;
check(autoApply?: any, callback?: (err?: Error, outdatedModules?: any[]) => void): void;
apply(options?: any, callback?: (err?: Error, outdatedModules?: any[]) => void): void;
status(callback?: (status?: string) => void): void | string;
removeStatusHandler(callback?: (status?: string) => void): void;
interface WebpackRequire {
(id: string): any;
(paths: string[], callback: (...modules: any[]) => void): void;
ensure(ids: string[], callback: (req: WebpackRequire) => void, chunkName?: string): void;
context(directory: string, useSubDirectories?: boolean, regExp?: RegExp): WebpackContext;
interface WebpackContext extends WebpackRequire {
keys(): string[];
interface ErrorStackTraceLimit {
stackTraceLimit: number;
// Extend typings
interface NodeRequire extends WebpackRequire {}
interface ErrorConstructor extends ErrorStackTraceLimit {}
interface NodeRequireFunction extends Es6PromiseLoader {}
interface NodeModule extends WebpackModule {}
interface Global extends GlobalEnvironment {}
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