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An aggregation of tooling for using ES7 today
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EcmaScript 7 Tools

Also known as EcmaScript 2016


  • Babel - Turn ES6+ code into vanilla ES5 with no runtime
  • Traceur compiler - ES6+ features > ES5. Includes classes, generators, promises, destructuring patterns, default parameters & more.

Build-time transpilation

Grunt Tasks

Gulp Plugins

Broccoli Plugins

Brunch Plugins

Webpack plugins

Duo plugins

Connect plugins

Gobble plugins

Jade plugins

Jest plugins

Karma plugins

Sprockets plugins

Browser plugins

  • Scratch JS - A Chrome/Opera DevTools extension to run ES7 on a page with either Babel or Traceur


Code generation


  • core-js - Modular and compact polyfills for ES6 including Symbols, Map, Set, Iterators, Promises, setImmediate, Array generics, etc. The standard library used by Babel.
  • es7-shim - ECMAScript 7 compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines




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