Tools for extracting tilesets from screenshots using Inkscape
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Tileset Tools for Inkscape

TTI makes it simple to extract tilesets from screenshots and stitch them together in the comfort of Inkscape.


TTI is built against:

  • Inkscape 0.48
  • PIL 1.1.7 (packaged with TTI because Inkscape is weird)

Design Goals

I wrote TTI to aid in my own largely simplistic needs (sprites contained in each tile, no transparency, etc.), however, there are several tools I can think of beyond simple tile extraction and pixel vectorization. These include:

  • extracting sprites from known tiles using differencing and masking
  • packing tilesets
  • offering useful feedback about improvements that could be made at each step

Recommended Environment

There's now an extension that will resize the page to x columns wide and twice that high (just as a guesstimate for the space needed, the height doesn't affect any of the other tools) and add a properly sized grid.

Using a grid with 1 pixel spacing and major grid lines every tile size units. This grid allows you to copy/paste exactly in the grid both when working with tiles and pixels within each tile.

I also recommend setting the width of the page to a multiple of your tile size, this firstly helps the script but also makes organizing the tiles significantly easier.

Using TTI

Now for the good stuff: Using the tools.

Screenshots must be placed on a layer titled "Source Layer". For best results:

  • Crop any user interfacing (or just be aware that you're going to be manually filtering junk tiles).
  • Ensure the screenshot is cropped to a multiple of the tile size. The extractor will silently ignore any images that aren't perfect multiples, hopefully this will change in future versions (I imagine painting something over the screenshot).
  • The extractor (currently) has no concept of tiles it's already extracted so it's more effecient to extract from many screenshots at once so you're not manually removing duplicate tiles.