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Procedural Psych Episode Script

Script to generate a random episode of the hilarious but formulaic show

Try it out:

Technology Used

File Structure

./docs/ -- documentation and some working files


  • -- a custom Nearley Grammar written to generate Psych Episodes (WIP)
  • -- describes character names etc
  • -- supports the basics of dialogue so far
  • -- scenes and locations
  • -- utilities

./tools/ -- Node script to choose words to put some into nearly files by part of speech

./psych_generate.js -- Node Script to replace placeholders & returns or outputs the generated text

./psych_generate_browser.js -- BrowserifyJS version of the above file for web use

./gulpfile.js -- GulpJS Nearley build automation (nearleyc) & railroad diagrams (nearley-railroad)

How to Build / Run

If you have gulp-cli run the following command:

	gulp build
	gulp run

Otherwise build the nearly grammer to JS, then run the Psych Generate Script:

	nearleyc .\grammar\ -o .\psych_script_compiled.js
	node .\psych_generate.js

Example Output

	Chief Vick assigns the case to Jules and Lassie.
	Chief Vick wants to hire Shawn and Gus for the case.

	[Setting: Wednesday 06:00 PM2020 Sewer Pipes]
	Hello, I am Shawn Spencer, I am a Lead Recording Artist for the SBPD, and this is my partner "Magic Head". (refering to Gus)
	Burton Guster: Hello nice to meet you.
	Shawn Spencer: I hear you are the boss of Abby Johnson when did you last see them?
	Abby Tyler: I saw Abby Johnson 02 days ago. I can't believe this.
	Shawn hears a propagable poison while handfastsing.
	 He notices that thea glutenous floor is owned by Abby Tyler
	Shawn Spencer: ah I see... and...  you have no hard feelings toward Abby Johnson?
	Abby Tyler: of course not! I loved Abby Johnson!
	Shawn Spencer: Sorry had to ask, we will be leaving now.
	Burton Guster: (entering Blueberry) Shawn, Abby Tyler totally did it.
	Shawn Spencer: You know that's right.

How you can help

Take a look at what I have so far, nearley is pretty straight forward, you could easily create a pull request that just adds some values to a list like

	gus_phrase -> "phrase 1" | "phrase 2"

in and easily add "I want some pancakes. Who wants pancakes? Whipped butter, maple syrup-- what?!" to the list like this

	gus_phrase -> "phrase 1" | "I want some pancakes. Who wants pancakes? Whipped butter, maple syrup-- what?!" | "phrase 2"


Github repo for Nearley.JS Generator to create a random Psych Episode WIP







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