As the news comes of's pending "sunsetting", I figured i'd try to pull down the interesting links from people I like. I hope you do too.
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Delicious Scraper


have ruby, then install the following gems

gem install nokogiri
gem install mechanize
gem install yajl
gem install active_support

just clone it

git clone


ruby scrape_delicious.rb -u [YOUR FAVORITE LINKER] -v # -v to see it in action


You probably want to output to some file, as this just dumps to standard out. so it would co something like this:

ruby scrape_delicious.rb -u jayamster > jayamsters_links.txt

The output is in JSON so you can then do what you want with it.

The data is an array of Link hashes. Some of them have date, but it's all in order so you can extrapolate the dates by cycling through.

Sample Data (My Links)

See jayamsters_links.json (note it comes out in a one line string and this file is tidy'd up)

More info


scraper was written by Jason Amster 2010-12-17 in response to the rumor of going down


to jake hofman for giving the tip to give delicious some space so the don't boot me for scraping