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Commits on Jul 24, 2009
  1. @obvio171
  2. @obvio171
  3. @obvio171

    Added Munin plugin to graph average job run times.

    obvio171 authored committed
    It plots the average over the last 5 minutes (Munin's default polling
  4. @obvio171
  5. @obvio171
  6. @obvio171

    Added first_started_at and last_started_at for statistics.

    obvio171 authored committed
    This is useful for gathering statistics like how long a job took:
    * to be picked up by the first worker: first_started_at - created_at
    * in one successful run (the last one that didn't fail): finished_at - last_started_at
    * in failed retries: last_started_at - first_started_at
  7. @obvio171

    Textile won't properly format code blocks starting with comments.

    obvio171 authored committed
    Last commit went out empty for some reason.
  8. @obvio171

    Allow successful jobs to (optionally) stay, recording finished_at.

    obvio171 authored committed
    Just like for failed jobs, now we have the option:
    Delayed::Job.destroy_successful_jobs = false
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