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Commits on Jul 24, 2009
  1. Helder Ribeiro
  2. Helder Ribeiro
  3. Helder Ribeiro

    Added Munin plugin to graph average job run times.

    obvio171 authored committed
    It plots the average over the last 5 minutes (Munin's default polling
  4. Helder Ribeiro
  5. Helder Ribeiro
  6. Helder Ribeiro

    Added first_started_at and last_started_at for statistics.

    obvio171 authored committed
    This is useful for gathering statistics like how long a job took:
    * to be picked up by the first worker: first_started_at - created_at
    * in one successful run (the last one that didn't fail): finished_at - last_started_at
    * in failed retries: last_started_at - first_started_at
  7. Helder Ribeiro

    Textile won't properly format code blocks starting with comments.

    obvio171 authored committed
    Last commit went out empty for some reason.
  8. Helder Ribeiro

    Allow successful jobs to (optionally) stay, recording finished_at.

    obvio171 authored committed
    Just like for failed jobs, now we have the option:
    Delayed::Job.destroy_successful_jobs = false
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