Simple script written in Ruby that tells you if one twitter user is following another.
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What is this?
DoesFollow is basically a quick script I wrote to tell me if someone is following me on Twitter.  I figured others might find this useful so I pushed it to github.

What's Required?
You're going to have to install HTTParty to use this.  It's a gem, and you can install it with:
sudo gem install httparty

How do I use it?
Get a copy of the repository, download the file, whatever.  Open it up and edit the @twitter_name and @twitter_password to whatever you want to use to authenticate against twitter.  You should also edit the default_user to your twitter username or whatever twitter user you want to check most frequently.  More on that later.

does_follow PatrickTulskie - checks to see if PatrickTulskie is following the user specified as the default_user.
does_follow PatrickTulskie Crystal - checks to see if Crystal is following PatrickTulskie.

Responses are given with a simple "Nahhh." or a Kool-Aid Man "OH YEAH!"

What else?
I aliased it in my .bash_login to "df" so that I can pop open terminal and type "df SomeTwitterUser" and it will give me a response.  Very handy for checking whether or not someone who just followed you is still following you.