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Starter Sinatra application setup for ActiveRecord

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Old Black Magic

What is this?

I got tired of creating new Sinatra applications that use ActiveRecord. I know there are alternatives out there but I wanted something really bare bones that I can just clone and work from whenever I need it.


gem install sinatra activerecord sinatra-activerecord

What's included?

It's basically setup to handle connecting to databases under various environments using ActiveRecord. I also installed the query_analyzer plugin since I use that all the time when I'm in development mode.

I want to add/fix something.

By all means, go ahead. Just send me a pull request so I can check it out when you're done.


The unicorn script is derived from the one that was on the github blog post here:

The unicorn init.d script is taken right out of the unicorn gem itself. I forget if I hacked it up or not.

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