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Project Objective

Integrate state of the art facial detection and inverted indexing in the Spark-Tensorflow environment to allow for near real time reverse image search on a roster of faces. Benchmark the accuracy and runtime trades off of state-of-the-art facial detection algorithms and data storage systems for facial detection and inverted indexing. Explore improvements to these algorithms and data storage systems.

Project Schedule


Description Due
Find archive of video footage that has the faces labeled with bounding boxes. Week 3 ~ 4
Decide on at least two differenet facial recognition systems at different parts of the pareto frontier. Week 3 ~ 5
Set up a Spark-Tensorflow environment. Run a trivial task to get used to the environment. Week 3 ~ 4
Build models Week 4 ~ 9
Benchmark the models and the data storage environments Week 7 ~ 9
Explore efficiency improvements to facial recognition and indexing algorithms Week 7 ~ 9
Explore efficiency improvements to data managment system Week 7 ~ 9
Analize experiments and polish paper Week 9 ~ 10


The results of my milestones will go here.

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