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Connectwise Automate - Grafana Dashboards
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Connectwise Automate - Grafana Dashboards Please refer to [url][/url] on how to import a dashboard. For installation of Grafana and other questions use

These Dashboards works with Grafana Version 4.5 + and Connectwise Automate 11

Snippets: Some experiments and Nice to have. CPU and RAM load chart. Data in and out chart .Ticket pie charts and different charts.

_template_Dynamic server_enviroment + text file: .json is the dashboard and the .txt is the queries needed for the templated dashboard to work. Details: Health Scores and devices that need reboot.

Statistik: Singlestat panels, with various panels and metrics.

Alerts: Error and warnings, offline LTservice and low disk.


  • 2018-04-06:
    • Added text panel with description on how to integrate an embedded Excel from a sharepoint site. Useful for charts.
    • Updated Snippets.json.
    • Updated Dynamic dashboards a bit.
  • 2018-01-19: Added descriptive textpanels in Snippets if there is a panel that needs to be downloaded.
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