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Patristic Text Archive

Open access digital archive of ancient Christian texts

The Patristic Text Archive (PTA) is the home of digital critical editions made at the project “Die alexandrinische und antiochenische Bibelexegese in der Spätantike” at Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW). The project is part of the Academies Programme, a research funding programme co-financed by the German federal government and individual federal states. Coordinated by the Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities, the programme intends to retrieve and explore our cultural heritage, to make it accessible and highlight its relevance to the present, as well as to preserve it for future.

The repositories here contain the data of the editions and the manuscript database, the TEI-Schema, the metadata generated for the web publication platform and its documentation as well as some other tools and data partially forked from other projects.


  1. pta_data Public

    An open access digital archive of antique Christian texts


  2. Database of manuscript descriptions


  3. Schema Public

    TEI-derived schema against which PTA XML should be validated


  4. Plaintext version of files in pta_data


  5. pta_lexika Public

    Dictionary data for PTA

    Python 1

  6. Metadata for PTA




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