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Szamotulska Drukarnia im. Józefa Kawalera

Website created for a printing house located in Szamotuły, Poland. It's entire code is based on heavily modified version of my Website Starter Pack - I came up with pretty good ideas during the development!

Szamotulska Drukarnia


The biggest trouble for me was to correctly position the two dwarfs on Home section, I decided to convert the SVG (which originally were over 120 KB big) to non-transparent PNG, since we've been using a white background anyway, and place them in ::before and ::after CSS pseudo-elements, positioning them absolutely against the header's content box. Later, they've been given animations named LeftToRightFadeIn and RightToLeftFadeIn, respectively.

The other big problem for me was the formatting of the business owner's info at the bottom of the page. It was obvious I needed to go with flexbox and I made it go with row direction on large screens and column for extra small. Then I asked myself if it would be appropriate if I placed links with telephone and e-mail address into an <address> element. It turned out, links are allowed inside the address elements.


The website's layout was designed by an extremely talented designer, Maria Kuzioła.

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