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CSC Metadata Checker

Scans metadata and detects problems in charts made for Clone Hero. Particularly useful to double-check your own folder of charts for broken notes, missing metadata or other discrepancies, or if you happen to be a setlist organizer, do exactly that for your own setlist.

CSC Metadata Checker was, in fact, premiered internally among Custom Songs Central following broken note findings in Marathon Hero. It started as just a broken note scanner, but metadata checking was added prior to Redemption Arc's release. In consequence, Redemption Arc is one setlist on which CSC Metadata Checker was used!

It leverages .chart, .mid and .ini parsers from chorus, therefore tested on tens of thousands of charts, to gather useful information and deliver it to you, the user.

Usage instructions

This works pretty much like MIDIFix: drag and drop a folder you wanna scan metadata on, and let it run its thing.

Look out for things that are in red: that usually means stuff has to be fixed.


Have Node.js installed (at least v10.x.x recommended). Clone the repo, npm install dependencies. If you're on Windows, drag and drop a folder on run.bat: it will call index.js. No fancy toolchain involved.

If you're on Linux/macOS, you might be more familiar with command line: node index /path/to/folder. Also works on Windows, if you're a madman and use command line on Windows. I haven't tested drag and drop possibilities on these OSes.


npm run build will drop an .exe in dist for Windows. Behind the hood, it leverages pkg: you can most likely build on Linux and macOS by calling pkg with the right args.

compile.bat does exactly what npm run build does. Just an easy double click for myself.

See here for icon and executable metadata personalization, but you'll most likely have to go through some hoops to get a working executable. I personally resource-edited my copy of the .pkg-cache executable at C:\Users\Paturages\.pkg-cache\v2.5\fetched-v10.4.1-win-x64. I guess it could be automated but I won't bother at the moment.

Suggestions, bugs and ideas

Feel free to share and submit an issue!


Scans metadata and detects problems in charts made for Clone Hero




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