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Official PyTorch implementation for the ICML 2019 paper: "Unsupervised Label Noise Modeling and Loss Correction"

Training images with correct (green) and incorrect (red) label Network predicitons post training
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You can find in an example script to run the code for 80% label noise (M-DYR-H and M-DYR-S) and 90% label noise (MD-DYR-SH).

Feel free to modify input parameters for any level of label noise (and other parameters in the paper).

Additionally, the code is now supporting both CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100 but feel free to adapt it for other datasets such as TinyImagenet by changing the data loaders and modifying the noise addition function in

python == 3.6
pytorch == 0.4.1


If you are using conda, you can execute:

$ conda env create -f environment.yml
$ conda activate lnoise

This will include all dependencies in a new conda environement called lnoise

Supported datasets:

CIFAR-10 & CIFAR-100 datasets are currently supported and will be downloaded automatically to the path set with --dataset option

We run our approach on:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX1080Ti

Parameters details

Execute the following to get details about parameters. Most of them are set by default to replicate our experiments.

$ python --h

Accuracies on CIFAR10

Algorithm\Noise level 0 20 50 80 90
M-DYR-H best 93.6 94.0 92.0 86.8 40.8
last 93.4 93.8 91.9 86.6 9.9
MD-DYR-SH best 93.6 93.8 90.6 82.4 69.1
last 92.7 93.6 90.3 77.8 68.7

Accuracies on CIFAR100

Algorithm\Noise level 0 20 50 80 90
M-DYR-H best 70.3 68.7 61.7 48.2 12.5
last 66.2 68.5 58.8 47.6 8.6
MD-DYR-SH best 73.3 73.9 66.1 41.6 24.3
last 71.3 73.34 65.4 35.4 20.5

Accuracies are reported at the end of 300 epochs of training.

Note: We thank authors from 1 for the mixup and Pytorch implementation of PreAct ResNet (
that we use in our code.

[1] Hongyi Zhang, Moustapha Cisse, Yann N. Dauphin, David Lopez-Paz, "mixup: Beyond Empirical Risk Minimization", in International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2018.

Please consider citing the following paper if you find this work useful for your research.

  title = {Unsupervised Label Noise Modeling and Loss Correction},
  authors = {Eric Arazo and Diego Ortego and Paul Albert and Noel E O'Connor and Kevin McGuinness},
  booktitle = {International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)},
  month = {June},
  year = {2019}

Eric Arazo*, Diego Ortego*, Paul Albert, Noel E. O'Connor, Kevin McGuinness, Unsupervised Label Noise Modeling and Loss Correction, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2019

*Equal contribution


Official Implementation of ICML 2019 Unsupervised label noise modeling and loss correction







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