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This library was maintained exclusively for Home Assistant Tuya component. As HA 2021.10.0 switched to Tuya-supported tuya-iot-py-sdk library (finally 😮‍💨), there is no sense to continue supporting this library which uses deprecated API.

Cloned from the abandoned package tuyapy v0.1.3. This package implements a Tuya API endpoint that was specially designed for Home Assistant.

This clone contains several critical fixes. Check commits.


How to check whether the API this library using can control your device?

  • Copy this script to your PC with Python installed or to
  • Set/update config inside and run it
  • Check if your devices are listed
    • If they are and description matches real device (e.g. lamp is lamp, not switch) - device is supported
    • If they are not or description doesn't match real device - don't open an issue. Ask Tuya support to support your device in their /homeassistant API
  • Remove the updated script, so your credentials won't leak

My device is not listed in Tuya API response or contains incomplete state, what should I do?

Try new custom component from Tuya developers or ask them to support your device.