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Sails Generator for Gulp and Bower Support

This module provides a Sails.js generator. It provides configuration for the gulp.js build system and integrates it with the Bower package manager.


Simply run

npm install sails-generate-gulp-bower

You should have sails installed globally, so now you can run

sails generate gulp-bower

inside of a sails project's folder. After this, you should execute

npm install
bower install

to install all new dependencies.


This generator uses a self-spun gulp framework named gulper, to allow for easier configuration. You may want to check out its documentation and existing plugins for things like template precompiling, browserify integration etc.


The gulp configuration provides several useful tasks, which are listed below.


Compiles all available and required files into the smallest amount of bundles possible and links them into all views.

This includes the following scripts:

  • Standard scripts
  • Scripts from bower packages

And the following styles:

  • Standard styles
  • Styles from bower packages

In addition, any specified assets are copied to the target folder as well.


Does the same as the build task, except for compiling into single files. Instead it updates blazingly fast on any file changes.


Runs jshint and csslint over all corresponding files in your project folder. Excludes anything in your .gitignore file.


Removes all files created by gulp.

Considerations when switching from Grunt

Several things should be considered when you first start using the provided gulp tasks.

View Handling

As I do not consider it good style, to commit the automatically inserted scripts and styles to git each time gulp updates them, views are now stored in views-in. After injection is done, the views are written to the views folder, so you should exclude this folder from git.

In addition the injection comments have changed and are now:

<!-- //CSS// --><!-- \\CSS\\ -->
<!-- //JS// --><!-- \\JS\\ -->

Sails lift

Sails lift does not start grunt anymore, but it does not start gulp either. As far as I could see from the sails source, grunt integration was more of a hack, spawning grunt via forever in a child process. If this is wrong or anyone writes a good hook for gulp integration, let me know and I will include it. But for now, you will have to run gulp watch in a second terminal.

Bower Location

By default, your bower packages will be put into assets/components. You may wish to exlude this folder from your .gitignore.


A sails generator for gulp




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