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< 500 byte library for HashMaps in JavaScript
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< 500 byte library for HashMaps in JavaScript


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HashMap.js is a library which adds HashMaps to JavaScript. While some modern browsers support Maps, this library supports all browsers back to even IE8!

This library also works well with the Stream.js library.


Setting a value using a complex object as a key:

var statuses = new HashMap();
var user = {names: ['Paul',' PaulBGD'], logged_in: true};
statuses.put(user, 'online');

console.log('Paul\'s Status: ' + statuses.get(user));
// => Paul's Status: online

Getting a value, or adding a default one:

console.log('Paul\'s Status: ' + statuses.getOrCompute(user, function (user) {
    return database.getStatus(user);
// => Paul's Status: online

Using the Stream.js library to get all online usernames:

new Stream(status.toArray())
    .filter(function (entry) { return entry.value == 'online' })
    .map(function (entry) { return entry.key.username })
    .forEach(function (username) {
        console.log(username + ' is online!');


new HashMap() => HashMap

Creates a new HashMap.

HashMap.prototype.get(key:Object) => Object

Returns the value associated with the key

HashMap.prototype.put(key:Object, value:Object) => Object

Sets a value associated with the key, returns the previous value if it was set.

HashMap.prototype.remove(key:Object) => Object

Removes an entry from the specified key, returns the entry removed if it exists.

HashMap.prototype.toArray() => Array

An array containing all of the entries.

HashMap.prototype.size => Number

Returns the size of this HashMap

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