Create configuration pages for your next Pebble project.
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Pebble Pages

Create configuration pages for your next Pebble project.

How to use

Click the 'Fork' button in the top right of the project page.

Click on the 'Branch' button, and type in gh-pages. Then click create.

Once that's created, edit the data.json file. This will be used to later generate your page.

After that, you'll need Node to build the page. Go to to download and install it. Clone your forked repository to your computer. Then go into your OS terminal and navigate to the directory. Once done, just run the following:

git checkout -b gh-pages

node build

git add index.html
git add data.json
git commit -m 'Changes'
git push origin gh-pages

Then you're done! Navigate then to (it may take a while for GitHub to update).