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; With polysporth, sporth patches can be procedurally generated.
; This example shows two ways of doing it. The first way involves, calling
; ps-lexer, which evaluates one token at at time. The other way is to use
; ps-parse, which can parse an entire strings (but not initialize it)
; Needed for the map function
(load "../init.scm")
; A function to build a sine wave as a list of individual tokens
(define (sine freq amp)
(number->string freq)
(number->string amp)
; a small function that parses a list of strings
(define (parse s lst)
(map (lambda (x) (ps-lexer s x)) lst))
; create our first sine the first way
(parse 0 (sine 440 0.5))
; create our second sine the second way..
(ps-parse 0 "350 0.5 sine + ")
; When you are done building your patch, you initialize it.
(ps-init-sporthlet 0)
; turn on the sporthlet
; negative durations will leave on the sporthlet until you turn it off.
(ps-turnon 0 -1)