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#include <soundpipe.h>
#include <sporth.h>
/* You'll need this header file. It can be found in the Sporth codebase */
#include "../scheme-private.h"
/* macros needed for car/cdr operations */
#define car(p) ((p)->_object._cons._car)
#define cdr(p) ((p)->_object._cons._cdr)
static pointer plugin_function(scheme *sc, pointer args) {
printf("this is a plugin!\n");
/* first argument is an integer */
long i = ivalue(car(args));
printf("the first argument is %d\n", i);
/* pop first argument using cdr */
args = cdr(args);
/* second argument is a string */
char *str = string_value(car(args));
printf("the second argument is %s\n", str);
/* pop the argument */
args = cdr(args);
/* second argument is a float*/
SPFLOAT flt = rvalue(car(args));
printf("the third argument is %g\n", flt);
/* return a float */
return mk_real(sc, 0.2468);
void init_plugin(scheme *sc)
scheme_define(sc, sc->global_env,
mk_symbol(sc, "plugin"),
mk_foreign_func(sc, plugin_function));