MyBB plugin that allows moderators to move posts from one thread to another.
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DEPRECATED! Feature has been added in MyBB 1.8.


Move Posts (1.1.1) for MyBB 1.6
Created by: Starpaul20
Copyright: ©2011
License: GPL

Allows moderators to move posts from one thread to another.

To use, just select the posts to be moved, select Move Posts from the Inline Post Moderation menu, enter the URL (Google SEO URLs will work) of the thread you wish to move the posts to and click Move Posts. Whenever posts are moved, the action is logged in the Moderator Log.

This plugin offers full language support.


1. Upload all files above, keeping the file structure intact.
2. Go to Configuration > Plugins
3. Click "Activate"
4. Enjoy!


If you're updating from any previous version, you only need to overwrite old files with the new ones, no need to deactivate.