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grafana templates

Factom Testnet Monitoring

Build and run factom-testnet-prometheus container

# Build the container responsible for computing and exposing locally testnet metrics
docker build -t factom-testnet-prometheus
# Start this container and connect it to the network of the communitytestnet containers
docker run --rm --name=factom-testnet-prometheus --network=communitytestnet_factomd -d -p 1789:1789 factom-testnet-prometheus
# Verify the metrics are available
# You can also check pm2 logs
docker exec factom-testnet-prometheus pm2 logs

Configure Prometheus

You need to add an addition target to Prometheus config. In your communitytestnet folder edit the file prometheus/config/prometheus.yml and add under targets: - 'factom-testnet-prometheus:1789'. You need to rebuild and restart the prometheus container for changes to take effect (or just do a full docker-compose down/docker-compose up -d)

To have persisting metrics you need the latest version of the communitytestnet code (that contains this commit:

Configure Grafana

The JSON of the dashbord is in folder grafana templates so you can import it in your Grafana.

If you want to have public dashboards (accessible without a login) you will need to:

  • Create a new Grafana organization (for instance Testnet)
  • Modify the file at grafana/config/grafana.ini and uncomment and edit the section [auth.anonymous]
  • Rebuild and restart grafana container