[DEFUNCT] Syncpoint-and-Couch-Cleaner is a CLI tool to easily cleanup Syncpoint databases and users (it also lets you easily delete normal CouchDB databases as well)
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This repo is defunct as Syncpoint has been replaced by sync_gateway.


Presented to you by — Paul Capestany

Syncpoint-and-Couch-Cleaner is a CLI tool that quickly cleans up/deletes all Syncpoint-generated databases, such as sp_admin, channel-*, and control-*.

It also cleans up the _users DB by removing documents of type org.couchdb.user*. Similarly, it cleans up the _replicator DB by removing documents of type global-control-*.

You can also use Syncpoint-and-Couch-Cleaner to delete a bunch of CouchDB databases all at once instead of doing it individually via the web admin interface.

How to use

In terminal, make sure you cd into the folder containing Syncpoint-and-Couch-Cleaner.sh, and enter bash Syncpoint-and-Couch-Cleaner.sh to run it.

You'll be asked for the url, admin name, and password of your CouchDB. You'll be asked if you want to automagically clean up all Syncpoint stuff, and you'll then also be asked if you want to manually manage your other databases. Pretty straightforward.

Drag-n-drop to delete databases

So, even if you don't use Syncpoint, Syncpoint-and-Couch-Cleaner still makes cleaning up a bunch of CouchDB databases a breeze with the power of drag-n-drop (well, more like copy/pasting stuff in a text file).



It would be nice to also be able to similarly handle design docs, but I got tired so I didn't fully implement it (the code is commented out in the script).

This is my first CLI tool and I mostly just wanted to play with Bash/scripting, so I basically had no idea what I was doing.

That said, all suggestions/questions/feedback are welcome!