Try and solving to log the violation of rules specified in limits.conf
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The Problem

Linux provides a mechanism to cap the resources of users by specifying the rules in the /etc/security/limits.conf. Unfortunately no logging facility has been provided with the limits.conf when some limits gets hit by a process. This project intends to solve the logging issue by making use of auditd.

The rules are specified in the file. Run that file to add the required rules to linux audit system.


  1. You must have the auditd installed in your Linux box.
  2. Run as root. Now the auditd starts logging the violations.
  3. To list rules that are added use auditctl -l.
  4. Now Refer "Rules in Action" section.

Rules in Action

After adding the required rules by running the the violations can be listed using ausearch. The limit name and the corresponding command to list the violations has been listed below.

  • noproc : ausearch -k noproc
  • fsize : ausearch -k fsize
  • nofile : ausearch -k nofile
  • memlock : ausearch -k memlock
  • as : ausearch -k as

We are also tracking setrlimit. This is required since we want to get informed on failed attempts of user process to raise the limits.

  • setrlimit : ausearch -k rlimit


In order to test the validity of rules kindly refer to tests/

How it works?

Read the file.