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F2E is a community for front-end-developer.

How to contribute

Fork and send pull request.

How to run on your own machine

  1. install all required modules:

    shell> pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. create database and then execute sql file in dbstructure/

    shell> mysql -u YOURUSERNAME -p
    mysql> create database f2e;
    mysql> exit
    shell> mysql -u YOURUSERNAME -p --database=f2e < dbstructure/f2e.sql
  3. set your mysql user/password and smtp server config in and lib/

  4. check above, using python to start server.

    shell> python --port=9001 --mysql_database=f2e --mysql_host=localhost --mysql_password=YOURPASSWORD --mysql_user=YOURUSERNAME

How to set up a production enironment

You need to know a little of supervisor and nginx, all config files are available in conf/