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This module is comprised of useful cmdlets I have written to make my work easier. If you have ideas for additional features please let me know.

Helper Functions

These functions are ones that I use just to make my daily work easier

  • Invoke-AzureCommand - Runs a script block against every subscription using -AllSubscriptions
  #Get resource groups from every subscription
  $MyScriptBlock = {Get-AzResourceGroup}
  $Results = Invoke-AzureCommand -ScriptBlock $MyScriptBlock -AllSubscriptions
  • Select-AHSubscription -GUI to show which subscriptions I have access to then Set-AzContext to it
  • Move-AHVMFromDedicatedHost - Moves a VM from a dedicated host
  • Move-AHVMToDedicatedHost - Moves a VM to the specified dedicated host
  • New-AHRoute - Add UDR for access to Azure Endpoints - GUI only using Out-GridView passthrough
  • Remove-AHVM - This function is used to remove any Azure VMs as well as any attached disks. By default, this function creates a job due to the time it takes to remove an Azure VM.
  • Resize-AHVM - resizes a VM
  • Get-AHResourceCost - Gets the cost of a resource over the specified number of previous days
  • Get-AHSavingsReport - Retrieves a list of changes that can be made to a subscription to cut costs
  • Get-AHStaleUsers - Gets a list of stale AAD users (mostly copied from Aaron Guilmette with a few tweaks)

Add/Remove access to resources restricted by IP address

These cmdlets make it easier to add/remove access to resources that are restricted by IP address. Currently only key vaults, storage accounts, and sql servers are supported but more resources can be added if folks find this useful.

  • Add-AHMyIPToResources - Gives you access to the resources previously selected
  • Get-AHResourceToAddMyIPTo - Lists the resources to add/remove access from
  • Remove-AHResourceToAddMyIPTo - Removes access to the resources
  • Export-AHMyResourcesToAddMyIPTo - Exports the list of resources for use later
  • Import-AHMyResourcesToAddMyIPTo - Imports the list of resources you saved earlier
  • Remove-AHMyIPFromResources - Removes the $IPAddress passed in from the Azure resources
  • Get-AHMyPublicIP - Gets your IP as seen by Azure and the interweb
  #Example usage
  #Add the RG that has the resources I want to access to the list
  Add-AHResourceToAddMyIPTo -ResourceGroupName MyResourceGroup1
  Add-AHResourceToAddMyIPTo -ResourceId /subscriptions/xxxxxxxx-a123-asdf-1234-123456abcdef/resourceGroups/Test1RG/providers/Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/KV5
  #Give myself access to those resources
  #Check which resources I have in my list
  Get-AHResourceToAddMyIPTo | Format-List
  #Export them for use later
  Export-AHResourcesToAddMyIPTo -Path 'C:\folder\ResourceINeedAccessTo.csv'
  #Remove access to resources I don't need to access anymore
  Remove-AHMyIPFromResources -IPAddress (Get-AHMyPublicIPAddress)
  #Clear the list in use
  (Get-AHResourceToAddMyIPTo).Id | Remove-AHResourceToAddMyIPTo
  #Add another list for other resources you work with
  Import-AHResourcesToAddMyIPTo  -Path 'C:\folder\TheOtherResourcesINeedAccessTo.csv'
  #Verify that they are the right ones
  #Give myself access to those resources

Inventory Functions

  • Get-AHAppliedPolicies - Gets the Azure Policies applied to $ResourceId that Deny or DeployIfNotExists
  • Get-AHBackedUpVMs - Gets all backed up VMs and their backup status
  • Get-AHCostSavingsReport - Reports potential cost savings including unused resources
  • Get-AHVMBackupStatus - Gets all VMs and their backup status
  • Get-AHDBAllocation - Gets every Azure DB and returns key information to help make choices about reducing the cost of your SQL DBs.
  • Get-AHExtraDiskGBPaidFor - Gets every disk and returns how much space is paid for but not allocated.
  • Get-AHNonHubWindowsServers - Gets a list of Windows servers not using Azure Hybrid Use Benefits.
  • Get-AHUnusedDisks - Gets all unused disks
  • Get-AHUnusedNICs - Gets all unused Network cards
  • Get-AHUnusedPIPs - Gets all unused Public IPs
  • Get-AHVMDomainStatus - Queries every VM in an Azure subscription to which are joined to the same domain as the VM running this command.
  • Remove-AHVM - removes a VM and associcated resources like NIC, disks, etc.

Azure Policy and Regulatory Compliance Reporting

  • Get-AHSecurityReport - Gets a report of non-compliant resources for each policy selected
  • Get-AHComplianceReport - Returns a list of resources and compliance status with the policies selected.
  • Get-AHNonCompliantResources - Prompts the user to select an Azure Policy then returns a list of resources that are not comnpliant with the policy.
  • Get-AHPolicyAssignment - Gets a list of all Azure Policy assignments
  • Get-AHPolicyByResource - Gets all resources that Azure Policies are applied to
  • Get-AHRegulationCompliance - Gets regulatory compliance of the regulation specified and generates a report showing compliance with each control in the regulation.
  • Get-AHResourceCompliance - Prompts the user to select an Azure Policy then returns a list of resources that are not comnpliant with the policy.

    These functions select policies to determine what Get-AHSecurityReport reports on

  • Add-AHPolicyToReport - Adds a PolicyID to the list of a Azure policies to be analyzed.
  • Remove-AHPolicyToReport - Removes a PolicyID from the list of a Azure policies to be analyzed.
  • Get-AHPolicyToReport - List the Azure policies to be analyzed.


Useful cmdlets I have written to make my work easier




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