The Aegean source finding program and associated tools
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Aegean software tools

Programs included:

  • aegean - The Aegean source finding program. All your^ radio astronomy source finding needs in one spiffy program.
  • BANE - The Background and Noise Estimation tool. For providing high quality background and noise images for use with Aegean, at a small fraction of the cost of a full box-car smooth.
  • MIMAS - The Multi-resolution Image Masking tool for Aegean Software. For creating image regions which can be used to restrict the source finding of Aegean, to mask fits files, and to create ds9 region files.
  • SR6 - A tool for shrinking and growing fits files, such as those created with --compress. Shrinking is done by decimation, growing is done by linear interpolation.
  • AeRes - A tool for adding or subtracting sources from an image - "Aegean Residual". Catalogues must be in Aegean readable format (eg, written by Aegean, modified by user). This can be used to look for missed sources, mis-characterised sources, or for simulating new images.

^ - by "your" I mean "my"


AegeanTools is built and tested on python 2.7, and 3.6.

You can install via pip using pip install git+ (latest) pip install AegeanTools (stable)

Or you can clone or download the repository and then use python install or pip install .

Notes for installing on python 3: pprocess has not (yet) been updated for python 3. The 2to3 conversion tool does what you need:

gunzip pprocess-0.5.3.tar.gz
tar -xvf pprocess-0.5.3.tar
cd pprocess-0.5.3
2to3 -w .
pip install .


Please see the wiki pages for some help and examples. If you have questions that are not answerd in the wiki please feel free to email me. If you have found a bug or some inconsistency in the code please submit a ticket (which will trigger an email to me) and I'll get right on it.


If you use Aegean or any of the AegeanTools for your research please give credit by citing:

Until there is a more appropriate method for crediting software development and maintainance, please also consider including me as a co-author on publications which rely on Aegean or AegeanTools.


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