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Installation Guide:

This guide is for Debian only.

Install dependencies

  • the NEWEST version of emscripten
  • libwebsockets, apt install libwebsockets-dev
  • cmake, make, gcc/clang, npm, curl, etc. (hopefully you already have these installed)


Clone the repository, install node modules:

git clone
cd rrolf
npm i

Build the client:

cd Client
mkdir build
cd build
make -j`nproc`
cp ../../RivetStaticPage/index.html .

Build the server:

cd Server
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DDEBUG_BUILD=0
make -j`nproc`

Get node packages for master server:

cd MasterServer
npm i


Master Server: node main.js (in rrolf/MasterServer)

Game Server instance: ./rrolf-server (in rrolf/Server/build)

Host the client: Any server will do, for example python3 -m http.server (in rrolf/Client/build)

Ideas for future forks of rrolf

  • a way to prestige to get skill points that can for example double your damage
  • sandbox pvp maybe similar to diep

Unofficial rrolf fork discord servers

  • to add your own, make an issue with an invite to your server and I will consider adding it