A performance test comparing Scala verses Erlang with simple agents to determine messaging performance
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Erlang V Scala Agents

An implementation of a performance test comparing an Agent that has just two responsibilties:
1) Add a Count X to the agents current tally
2) Get the current count and reset the agent count to zero

Two implementations are provided, one using Erlang's OTP gen_server and one using Scala's Actors.

With Scala 2.9.0 and Erlang 5.8.1 the Erlang implementation is 6x faster than Scala.

To run the erlang OTP version compile the 3 files then run client:runTest(3000000).

To run the erlang bare receive version compile server2 as well and then run client:runTest2(3000000).

To run the scala version compile both files and run the Client.