IO Reader - a news reading framework to enable you to target one news app to multiple devices.
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io-reader server

This is a basic proxying server that has some state.

The server runs an instance of the configuration document, which includes the type of API proxy to use and the categories to display.

There are two API proxies included:

  • Guardian
  • NPR


Now you can install the dependencies:

npm install express mustache async less uglify-js

Running the app


Where <CONFIG_NAME> is the name of a folder in <PROJECT_ROOT>/config.

Configuring your app

Each application needs a configuration to run, the configuration defines properties such as:

  1. The port and hostname for the application to listen on.
  2. The name and description of the application
  3. The directory where the client code is (it can be anywhere you want)
  4. The API proxy to use (Guardian, NPR, GoogleFeedApi etc)
    1. The parameters for the API, such as API Keys
  5. The columns to display in the app
    1. And proxy specific parameters

Example Configuration: Google Feed API

exports.config = { 
    id: "googlefeed",
    name: "Chrome Developer Relations",
    description: "All the latest news from around the Chrome team",
    version: "",
    baseDir: "server/templates/",
    clientDir: "client/",
    categories: [
            id: "pk", url : "", title: "Paul Kinlan"
            id: "mm", url : "", title: "Mike Mahemoff"
            id: "ig", url : "", title : "Ido Green"
            id: "smus", url : "", title : "Boris Smus"
    options: {
        appCache: "",
        port: 3000,
        proxies: {
            "googlefeed": {
                referer: ""

Most of it is pretty self explanatory, the categories array is specific to the provider. The Guardian API proxy is a simple collection of category names. The NPR API proxy is a collection of category numbers.

For a given proxy, there might require some specific parameters such as API Keys.