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Fixing Makefile so webintents.js file is not made for extensions

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1 parent 412f38a commit 5fdec6b0ba5c03c18fc2b477ad52a3894cc5b723 Paul Kinlan committed
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  1. +0 −2  Makefile
2  Makefile
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ release: ./src/webintents.js ./src/json2.js ./src/base64.js ./src/webintents-pre
cp webintents.js server/webintents/static/webintents.js
cp ./src/webintents-prefix.js server/webintents/static/webintents-prefix.js
cp webintents.js server/webintents/static/webintents.js
- cp webintents.js tools/chrome/extensions/share/webintents.js
production: server/webintents/static/cache.manifest release
uglifyjs webintents.js > server/webintents/static/webintents.min.js
@@ -163,7 +162,6 @@ clean:
rm -f server/webintents/static/webintents.min.js
rm -f server/webintents/static/webintents.min.gz
rm -f server/webintents/static/cache.manifest
- rm -f tools/chrome/extensions/share/webintents.js
rm -f tools/chrome/extensions/share-services/twitter/manifest.json
rm -f tools/chrome/extensions/share-services/blogger/manifest.json
rm -f tools/chrome/extensions/share-services/linkedin/manifest.json

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