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Get the latest Chrome on Android ChromeShell and ContentShell and install it on all running emulators and connected devices with

./ [-slr]

which accepts the following familiar command line flags:

  • -s installs on SD card instead of internal storage
  • -l forward-locks the app
  • -r reinstalls the app, keeping its data

Update Existing

./ [-slr]

Same as above and accepts the same flags, but first uninstalls — while preserving data and cache directories — the existing package from the device.


Just for the sake of completness, we include ./ which accepts the optional -k commandline flag to keep data and cache directories (which you probably never want to do unless you're updating, which is provided for above).


These scripts should be suitable for inclusion in other automated workflows: each requirement is validated and the script will terminate immediately with exit code 1 if something bad happens (curl fails, unzip fails, uninstall while updating fails, etc).

Find a few more details here