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A basic routes framework for JS that hooks in to HTML5 history
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Fixes #10 - there are differences in .source on the regexp object bet…

…ween FF and Chrome, specifically FF will return the fully escaped string - this fix removes those differences
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Paul Kinlan authored


A simple lightweight routes framework for hooking in to HTML5 history. Currently when the system pop's state the route is triggered if matched.

var app = new routes();

app.get("/", function(req) {
  alert("State popped for /");

It also named parameters for route syntax

app.get("/:category", function(req) {
  alert("In " + req.params.category);

app.get("/:category.:format", function(req) {
  alert("format: " + req.params.format);

LeviRoutes can also intercept POST requests via forms, the framework will intercept all submits, and naturally let through requests that don't match the path, whilst firing your callback if there is a mathc"/:category", function(req) {
  alert("posting form: In Category ", req.params.category);
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