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A simple Observer pattern for your object model.

Instant Gratification

var model = {
  "location": { "lat": 0, "lng": 0  } ,
  "heading": 123,
  "target": { "lat": 0, "lng": 0 }

var _locationObserver = new Observable("location", model);
var _headingObserver = new Observable("heading", model);
var _targetObserver = new Observable("target", model);

_locationObserver.addChangeListener(function(newVal, oldVal) {
  // Wheeee.  We get notifications of changes

model.location = { "lat": 1, "lng": 2 }; 

// Inline callback function
var a = 10;
var _a_observer = new Observable("a", this, function(newVal){ 
  // document.getElementById('value_of_a').innerHTML = newVal;


I have two major frustrations:

  1. If you want use an "MVC" framework, most of them require that you use their object model. This frustrates me. I just want to know when data has changed.
  2. Listening to changes from multiple async updates and performing actions on these is hard


Observable - constructor new Observable([required] propertyName, [required] objectToObserve);

Observable - addChangeListener observer.addChangeListener([required] function(oldValue, newValue))


Handling logic based on the state of several independant asynchronus events is cumbersome and complex. The observer pattern allows you to build the systems that are gated on certain conditions being met in your model.

  • OnAnyChange - Fired when any single of the observers notices a change in the data

    OnAnyChange([_locationObserver, _headingObserver, _targetObserver], function() { // Any one of the three observers have changed. });

Under the hood

To listen to changes to the object, the Observable object changes the observed object by setting up a 'getter' and 'setter' for the property name and caching the value of the actual value.

Note tests still need to be don if the property is already a getter or setter.


  • Write unit tests